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  • hoosurdadee36 hoosurdadee36 May 3, 2011 12:55 PM Flag


    All that hype talk before the Euros got together and all the hype talk after. It turned out to be nothing just like I said it would. Now your stock is slowly going downwards and you have nothing to say except to attack me personally.

    Are you guys such newcomers to stock trading that you are incapable of recognizing a stock that has run out of gas? You can't point to a single concrete example other than your little scraps of information you interpret from memorandum and correspondence. That isn't enough to drive the price upwards and you know it.
    Are you also incapable of seeing that the current stock price is over inflated due to your overly optimistic predictions. No, you can't see it. You are too busy pressing ignore buttons and trying to identify who I am. You aren't even close. You have me living in places I have never lived. You have me in jail. You say I am an attorney. You identify relatives that I don't even know. Guess what? Even if you did know who I was, it wouldn't change a thing.

    Your arrogant attitude and inability to hear anything negative will be your downfall and I will be here watching.

    Go ahead and attack me personally. I could care less.


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