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  • teva4eva teva4eva Aug 8, 2012 1:59 PM Flag


    This is not a pump job just a plea for mngmt to set the likes of the HG's and hedge funds back on their heels. My point is this:
    By this time, after VHC's settlement with 4 of the defendants in which upfront and royalty payments have been firmly established, would it not be a blockbuster announcement if VHC was to declare a SPECIAL DIVIDEND to reward the longs who have patiently endured the rancid rants of the shorts? It does not have to be big but just enough to make the shorts suffer as well as to see mngmt give their support to their shareholders.

    Am I asking too much?

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    • That's funny.

      You just assume this stock is manipulated by some short hedge funds, but not by the hedge funds that Floyd works for.

      As far as we know, San Gabriel has a paid professional pumper on those message boards, and San Gabriel has several funds under its control.

      How do you this recent big dump wasn't by San Gabriel? Did Floyd disclose San Gabriel funds positions in the stock? Long or short, or both?

      Should San Gabriel be considered a stock manipulator in this recent trading, after they released the White Paper, and the stock got cut in half?

      I posted the chronicle events in the sell off in my topic, "Coincidence, NOT", which basically pointed out the sequence of the crash on the 8th day after the Markman II court transcript was filed.

      Guess what? That post of mine was removed from the Yahoo message. I must have touched on some ugly truth and some people were scared and tried to cover up.

      Why don't you contact the SEC about the events as I pointed out, instead of complaining to the company?

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      • Haven't I been saying for weeks that I believe the pumpers on this board are paid hedge fund plants here to pump to retail investors while they short the stock behind your back? Also, someone on this board pointed out that the CEO is likely shorting against the box. No wonder he won't say anything. If he is shorting, he's making a fortune!!!

        It's a crooked game and don't be surprised when you find out they've all been in this together.....

      • My point, of course, was that there're certain trails left before and after the crash. And it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out the truth.

        Instead of burying your head in the meaningless rants and banters, you should focus on the really important things.

        The company didn't disclose the exact amounts from those settlements after the MSFT case, and was for good reasons only to the company, but not necessarily to you shareholders.

        Until the company finds its honest self and let us know the truth, there is no real basis to invest in this trading game.

      • h_grant_h how many shares do you have. If none why are you here.

    • just keep buying man

      nothing but the same ole bear raid on no volume BS we have dealt with for years now

    • That would throw a real curve ball to the shorts

    • TESTIFY !!!!

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