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  • willie7 willie7 Jan 24, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    Low and behold another reverse conversion, just when they needed it.

    Low volume days are a perfect set up. So VHC was looking pretty good,maybe to good so the MM's and shorts created 230k phantom shares with the March 40's ...2300 calls and 2300 puts, just about the time vhc started to get hit. It just doesnt stop. Its illegal to use your exemption to manipulate a stock yet its done continually with vhc. Amazing this cant be stopped.

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    • looks like they added another 40k in phantom shares through the same option strike

    • willie7 MAGIC!

    • Willie,
      I don't undestand the reverse conversions, but more than that, I don't understand why anyone would short this stock thinking it will go down!?

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      • lasagolf it doesnt make sense but the shorts are in pretty deep and they need to keep vhc controlled. No one seems to care that they are crooks and have been doing illegal trades for years ( that I know of ). MM's have an exemption that allows them to create phantom shares. They were given that exemptions so they could keep an orderly market not to manipulate the pps down or up for that matter. They can do this over and over. One reason the option game is so difficult. They are not shorting thinking that vhc will go down they are shorting to drive it down then cover in a dark pool so when they cover they dont drive the stock back up. I have been watching pretty closely for 6 months and have seen the same pattern over and over. If the SEC wont stop them its going to be tough. I would thought by now That Virnetx would have done something just as Overstock did and Herbalife did. Herbalife put a stop to the shorting very fast and stuck it back to the shorts.We cant do anything. I have tried many times with no luck.

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