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  • sullyinnyc sullyinnyc Jan 30, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    There's light behind the "dark pools"...

    Longs, both new and old, write this down "Hang on till $100!" I'm serious... if anyone is wondering why the stock hasn't rocketed past $40, $50, heck $60 by now, just understand that the shorts swimming in the dark pools (creating fake shares to keep new investors out) are truly your friend, yes, they may curtail the consistant growth, however, when the hammer drops (and IMHO it's going drop soon), don't give them your shares at $40, NOT $50, NOT $60... MAKE THEM PAY FULL PREMIUM! DON'T SELL OUT...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I am with you sully and its not a pump. Virnetx will continue to execute as it has. Big revenue streams are soon to follow when 4GLTE A starts in earnest. Its close now but thats just the beginning. If Virnetx sees its business plan to the end $100pps will seem cheap. I just have this feeling that one of the reasons for Apple and Cisco dragging this out is that Kendall is not willing to give the company away and they know it. JMO on that though. Shorts will continue to play their games until they no longer can or a big guy steps in and sees the big potential in the company and also in the fact that there is !5 or 20 million shares short and no shares to buy. What an opportunity for another hedge fund that knows the game

    • Sully, we need to bag an elephant and declare a special dividend. The roaches will scatter in all directions sending the share price monumentally higher.

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      • jsteve, good to see you, bud, hope all is well... and I concur, that dividend, she's a comin...while the shorts hammer the less informed with disceit and deception, KL and team hammer away at deals and dividends. It's just a matter of time, however unlike any stock I've ever followed, like you and many on this board, this has become, dare I mention, PERSONAL (I know rookie mistake) and I want them to suffer... selling out at anything under $100...they win.

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