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  • joehank2 joehank2 Feb 1, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Are the shorts going long

    IMO it appears that some of the short are reversing their position and going long. At any time HJD will come out with his judgement on Apple. Cisco is cooked they know they will have a very tough time trying to get past the jury. 4G-LTE is just around the corner. Money will be made off the patents that are air tight. Time will tell. The clock is ticking.

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    • It seems that something is up in 1-2 weeks.
      Really tough to get a share.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • if the shorts had any "brains" and that is a big "IF" they had better start covering their positions now..they probably should have started a few weeks ago, but whatever...I have this going to $65/share, also as stated by some analyst and paying a substantial dividend..and this is the kicker...KL may only sell a portion of the company for the $65/share and keep control of the rest. I believe he has some idea as how big this market could become. But even with all his knkowledge is making an educated guess. But by only selling a portion he is protecting himself and the current share holders in case the market is bigger than he anticipated and VHC becomes another Qualcom.. FWIW

    • Volume so ridiculously low today, not much of anything happening. It does appear that no new shorts are coming in with the good Apple news imminent (I'm guessing maybe by Monday).

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