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  • worldclass70 worldclass70 Feb 28, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    VHC and Dark Pools pure Manipulation

    It is quite amazing how these shorts are still are still in control here. I am long since 13 and I am not selling but it is very frustrating that the shorts own VHC. Based up on the recent news VHC should be much higher. Shorts are killing this stock! They are shorting the stock and covering in dark pools, if you dont know what it means google it. VHC should have been upgraded by many firms now. We need a catalyst. Shorts keep on stepping on the ask with a few hundred thousand shares to keep it down. Tjey wont let it close above 36. The best news was out yesterday and still we can not rally and follow through. Volume peaked and is now flat again. Kendall must be going crazy with his 7 million shares. What is it going to take to get the shorts to cover and capilulate? They must still believe VHC is worthless to hold there position after al this great news. It cant last forever though, VHC keeps winning case after and there patent is reaffirmed and solid. Once VHC does bust its going to capilulate and explode higher. It will be a gusher. Its frustrating but longs will be rewarded. LOOK UP DARK POOLS and see what is happeneing here...

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