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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Mar 14, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    Oh, Joy!

    Where is J P Morenno?

    Where are investor_Con, the J- brothers, and the F-liars?

    Today, we celebrate for the truth and the reality. There is justice in the US, after all.

    What a glorious day, for the third time, to be short VHC!!

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    • Well, it's been more than a week since the crash, and as I predicted, $22 wouldn't hold for long this time.

      Notice that, last time when this trading game plunged from $42 to $21-22, the volumes were much lighter and less intense.

      But this time, the third plunge in about two years, the volumes were decisively much higher. The third time is usually the charm in a lot of things. Especially important is when a speculative stock crashed for the third time.

      Remember my next target is $12. It won't get there in a short while, but it will get there. And then, I will re-evaluate the situation. Hopefully, by then, I'll have a clearer picture on how Apple decide to deal with this little troll.

      I'll have more on this topic some other time.

      Good luck to y'all.

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      • Well, the "first concrete indication", as I put it about two weeks ago, is now confirmed today, by much higher than avg volume in trading.

        I'm pretty certain that San Gabriel funds have been dumping the stock. That means, all bounces from hereon will be weak and swift.

        Happy shorting/selling/getting out to all.

      • Oh, the misery, the lies, and the pretentiousness!

        Where is willie now? The seemingly "good guy" keeps posting garbage for years on this board, day in day out.

        Today, they broke the backbones of the liars, the b.s. endless.

        Today, we see the truth prevails in trading - this trading game is showing its true color.

        Oh, joy!!

    • So, how to trade this junkie stock from this point on?

      Short/sell into fake rally attempt - there are some very big bulls are in this trading scam - a death trap, as I called it many months ago.

      Still remember when Mr Ford published his article on SeekingAlpha last year? He used "toll booth" to describe VHC's patents, but I laughed at that article and the silly idea of his.

      Now, you have the formal proof, but not just from me, that the "toll booth" idea was truly foolish and uneducated. Sounded more like a "troll booth" - biggest bull trap - the death trap.

      Those hedge funds run by San Gabriel, who hired Mr Moreno to pump this trading scam, are in deep trouble. There is no way out for those guys.

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      • Watch how the stock will close today, and the next fake rally, if there will be any at all.

        The most important thing to observe in trading this stock has always been to see how those San Gabriel funds acted at the certain levels. In the past, before this CSCO victory, the San Gabriel fund managers, I believe, was very bold at certain levels. They were the main forces in driving up the short squeezes. However, after yesterday, I don't think they will be showing any boldness in this trading game.

        In other words, I don't believe they will be foolish enough to soak up the shares dumped by other funds at this level as it was before the CSCO victory. Accordingly, if this $21-22 level breaks down, it would be the first concrete indication that those San Gabriel funds are bailing out!

        When that happens, the bulls - the blind buyers and gamblers - will be destroyed.

        Next target: $12.

      • I covered half at $22 this morning, as I posted some month/weeks ago, built up shorts over $35-36 ranges, whenever the opportunity presented. It was a trial and error process in trading.

        As I expected from yesterday, as posted, a gap-down it was. I also posted that "they" will try to fake the rallies - to create escapes - the San Gabriel funds are now in deep trouble and they must fake some strength in order to get out before it collapse to low teens next. And it will.

        So, re-build my short on the fake rallies. Trade around my core short position. The chart says it will be testing $12 in the weeks/months ahead, as the "greater fools" become trapped over $20, again.

    • Let me elaborate a bit on the verdict.

      1) For the old timers on this board, from 2010, you should remember I discussed, somewhere down there you'll find, that there're at least five different ways to implement VPN connections. And the funny thing was that I did say VHC only covered one of the ways, technologically.

      Apparently the jury was given clear demonstration of the different VPN implementations. That's why a real network engineer holds an edge in this bet. - That's why I called out JP Moreno, and investor_Con, on this board, many times!

      2) The jury's verdict on VHC's pantents validity means nothing to the USPTO reexams. The only time the USPTO respected a court decision on the validity of a patent was when a patent was fund invalid. In other words, if a court says a patent is invalid, the USPTO would stop all reexam on a that patent, and then cancel that patent for good.

      So, AAPL will have a 90% to win in the end, whenever that will be, from the USPTO.

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