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  • vhcup vhcup Apr 5, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Apple VPN Work Around Posted on IV by Investor_Don

    Based on what other posters have reported, it appears that the post is authentic and in my opinion it says some interesting things as stated below. I do not see how any of this is a problem for VirnetX. The work around will be a problem for Apple customers but it has no impact on future VirnetX licensing. Therefore I think the share price should be going up and not down. Here are my opinions:

    1. Apple seems to be conceding that its VPN on Demand infringes on VirnetX patents and core technology by implementing a DNS triggered VPN using the Apple ID system. Apple has apparently not implemented a work around until now because the Quality of Service (QoS) would be significantly degraded and user experience would be unacceptable. Utilization of the workaround, i.e a public URL will likely result in authentication steps that may be distracting to a user or unnecessarily time consuming.”

    2. Apple is apparently now willing to accept another likely disadvantage in that the DNS triggered VPN secure communications is embedded in the Apple iOS operating system and cannot be removed without major software changes. In my opinion, these quotes from the iOS security implementation manual highlight the work around problem. “Configuration Profiles are XML files that contain device security policies and restrictions, VPN configuration information, Wi-Fi settings, email and calendar accounts, and authentication credentials…” “… the settings cannot be removed, altered, or shared with others.” The design of the Apple iOS is based on embedded layers of security so that they can’t be altered.

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    • some great posts over there. to me, vhc stock should be up 3 at least on it. no appeal. no judge is gonna seriously allow that now after this where they specifically mention vhc

      weird move mentinoing them too...

      • 1 Reply to cwtripps
      • You guys really love to consider only what you want to here. No appeal? Of course they are going to appeal, they simply can't at this point because unless and until the judge rules on damages they are precluded from doing so. The market at least so far is saying loud and clear it doesn't like their chances. Remember this company hasn't generated jacksh...t in earnings yet has been given a lofty share price based on potential alone. It needs every last penny to justify their current share price even after the drop. All I can say is you better hope some solid good things start happening to Virnetx or you will be looking at single digits. Doubt me? If the judge denies their Cisco motion and Apple appeals when the Judge rules on damages this stock will plummet.

    • That Don is something else. .He should be an expert witness for Virnetx. This is just part of the post. Thanks vhcup I hadnt seen it and IV is active today it might have gotten buried.

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