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  • bakoplan bakoplan May 1, 2013 8:40 PM Flag

    Timeline of Future Events

    I've been off the board for some time, but have held my position and am patiently waiting, buying more when the price was low. I'd very much appreciate if someone could bring me up to speed as to those upcoming events that could have significant impact on VHC stock performance (both short and long term). I'd prefer a long-timer who is analytically thoughtful and able to complete full sentences.

    Those who are tempted to respond with meaningless dribble, either pro or con, please resist the temptation. I understand there will be some knuckleheads who won't be able to contain themselves, so I'll work to sort through the clutter to find the diamonds in the rough.

    Thanks in advance to those that truly do try to add value to these message boards. Cheers to all,


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    • Thanks, Bill and Willie for the good info. My fingers are crossed.

      As for iBash, well, no surprise. He apparently doesn't subscribe to the adage about better to not open your mouth and have people wonder if you're a fool rather than speak and remove all uncertainty...

    • Known dates are as follows.
      We are waiting for Apples response to a Virnetx motion for a 1.52% royalty rate. This is due by May 3rd,Friday. Virnetx has till May 13th to respond to Apple motion of May 3rd. Then the HJD will rule on the royalty rate. In reality HJD could rule any time after May3rd but would seem likely he waits til after May 15th.
      Cisco responded on April 22nd to a Virntex prior motion for a new trial. Virnetx's response to this Cisco response is due May 2nd,thats tomorrow.
      There was just a response from the judge at the ITC that Apple lost in reference to trying to get costs from Virnetx and there can always be news from the ITC.
      Thats what I have on my calendar. May be more but the royalty rate issue is the big one IMO..

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      • Great info! Thanks for bringing us up to speed....can't wait until the shorts start to feel the pain. AND, MARK MY WORDS, THE PAIN WILL BE GREAT. BTW...Apple doesn't want to litigate this forever....whoever thinks that is an unadulterated moron. Apple is not into game playing like the baby shorts on this board....they want to move on with, Apple has more cash than God...and more cash than it knows what to do with...if Apple wanted, Apple could buy VHC...not likely, though I've heard rumors.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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