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  • hogan516 hogan516 Mar 27, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    Months Or Years More Delays On AAPL Appeals

    It will likely be a couple years or more until AAPL takes this all the way thru the courts and tries to BK VHC. That's exactly what they'll do since they know the company can't sell anything until their suit with AAPL is rectified. VHC is history......why do you think the CEO's wife was exercising her options? So she could sell the stock!!!

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    • Wow... you don't know much. There is only one more appeal left once the CAFC denies Apple's appeal. That is the Supreme Court and they don't take on commercial disputes. The game is over in a month.

    • "Courts" in plural? I don't think so. The CAFC is the last shot AAPL has as The Supreme Court doesn't hear this type of appeal..........and you know it so, either get your story straight and know EXACTLY what you're talking about OR quit posting a bunch of #$%$. Don't insult us with your blithering moronic nonsense. If you worked for me, I would have fired you a long time ago. Your boss(es) must be extremely hard up to keep you on board. If you're the best they have, they're hurting quite badly. Nice try Hogan/Terp et al.
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      • Spectre - you're pretty much right and CAFC being AAPL's last shot. If the judgement is upheld, then I would expect AAPL to appeal it to SCOTUS, but doubt that they would elect to hear it as CAFC is the best court to handle this appeal and SCOTUS would be extremely unlikely to overturn it - so why hear it.

        The poo-swallowing underscore shorties have had their day and good for them, but the game is going to change soon. I really hope that they show up at the ASM and wear their name tags.

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      • here we go, more blatant lies by longs. You actually believe this is the last appeal?lolol

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