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  • mameen76 mameen76 Sep 15, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    $2.50 Price target with in months due to good progress

    $103 + a barrels = 2 Billion barrels.. You do the math

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    • 2 billion do the math. CAK reported in the recent quarter a loss of $4.43 million on oil production of 200 barrels / day. 18,485 barrels / quarter. That a loss of $240 / barrel. Shareholders are subsidizing CAK operations. Even if Oyo #7 has an IP flow of 5k bopd, I doubt that CAK's term share of long production will increase by more than 380 barrels / day. CAK has something like 2 million barrels of 2P reserves. In Nigeria a 2P barrel of reserves is worth maybe $18 / barrel. IMO, CAK needs to discover a significant amount of oil and increase oil revenue by a significant amount to underpin the current valuation.

      In a best case scenario Oyo #7 is targeting 3 - 10 million barrels (250k bbls - 700k bbls net to CAK).

      2 billion barrels is a pipe dream. The Oyo oil field has underperformed all expectations , both reserves and production for the last 5 years, I'm sure that's why ENI sold their Oyo asset after investing $1.1 billion.

    • If you do the math , you will find you will be lucky to get make what you paid for this piece of camel dung.

    • Agree! If well #7 comes in big, it's a safe bet wells #8 & 9 will also be highly productive. All the 'Big Boys' own blocks in this region. Look for buy-out or partnership with Shell, Chevron, Mobile etc. When that happens this stock will go to $8. - $10. OVERNIGHT! Huge upside potential here, and CAK is on the radar now. Daily shares traded increasing dramatically.