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  • xrp21 xrp21 Jun 24, 1999 5:07 PM Flag

    stick a fork in it...this co. is done

    A bank...are you kidding. These people can't even
    run an insurance operation now are going to bankers.
    They hire a branch manager at a local bank to be there
    CEO ---- They are nuts. Anyone long on this very
    thinly traded company should be prepared to wake up one
    morning and see this stock delisted!

    Must be their
    deep much cash do they have again?

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    • Very interesting company, is there a company website? Couldn't find one, maybe I am looking in the wrong places.


    • It will allow the company to do some things
      internally that they have to give away right now. I've
      watched this company since its inception, and although
      their management style can be questioned, they have
      always managed to accomplish their goals. There are some
      very competant people involved. The Pres of Fed.
      Insurance Company has had many years of experience and is
      very sharp. The Chairman is driven to grow this
      company, and has in fact done it. I beleive their business
      model is working.

      We shouldn't confuse the
      day-to-day operation of the agency chain from the operation
      of this insurance/finance business. Reading some of
      the messages on this board, one would think that some
      feel they have been served some sour

      I'm expecting a continuous stream of positive
      announcements coming from this company.

    • This bank idea has disaster written all over it. Always be wary when the CEO & CFO are related. By the way, any stock volume has usually been generated by insiders, check it out for yourself.

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      • it's funny how talkers talk & doers do.
        xr-whatever, do you think this company got where it is by
        accident??? a fluke??? while your still trying to figure out
        how life went wrong for you, this company will be
        driving into the 21st century doing what it has done from
        day 1.... servicing the client and being profitable
        doing it. stop being bitter for 1 second and research
        the company, try backing yourself up with real
        information for a change.

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