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  • rsesler rsesler Mar 16, 1998 11:03 AM Flag


    Anyone know any details (theories) driving the 3/16 early volume.

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    • I didn't mean to diverge to far from the subject. As far as DYNT
      is concerned, this stock is gonna move. Everyone will just have
      to be PATIENT! Wait it out and hold this stock LONG. By long,
      I mean 3 to 5 years. Provided the fundamentals remain strong.
      The move yesterday was small, but good. Small moves add up
      to big gains. This is a good thing.

    • I hope it keeps going up slow and steady.

    • Maby just maby, our srock is going to take off, this is nothing but positive. Good Luck to all .

    • i like bowser too but hasn't anyone anything to say about dynt. reached a new high a t $1.50 today. Hooray!!!

    • Mike. You wanted to know about anything else that I might be looking at right now. One issue that I have a position in is
      TAIT. I like this because: 1. low p/e = 0.77 ; 2. low p/s = 0.57 ; 3. current ratio = 6.22 ; 4. d/e = .57 ; 5. price under 3$ = 2
      7/8. This company is in the semiconductor field and from the info I have gathered, including the annual report, they have a good
      long-term strategy. They have @ 2000 OEM customers to which they distribute some 300,000 different products. They specialize in
      discrete logic chips. Chips that perform only one function as opposed to integrated, chips that are multi-functional. Take a look at
      them and most of all...make your decision base on how YOU feel about this investment and no-one else. The progression on the
      price is long term so there is no quick profit to be had here. Good luck.

    • Thank you for the answer, I am still new to this. I have about $8000.00 in small stuff like this, and I am in no hurry, I can wait for the stocks to go up if I have too. I really got stuck on one though, took the word of the Wall Street Jour. The stock was and I still own it, can't do anything now but hold on, SIMA. i BOUGHT 200 SHARES AT $4.00 A SHARE IT IS NOW LESS THAN TWO. Like you said, can't win them all. Thanks again. Mike

    • One of the best tricks to make money by using stocks that are selected by the Bowser Report is to NOT buy them immediately
      after they come out as 'Stock of the Month' selections. If a stock comes out, wait about 4-6 weeks before you put a bid in on a
      particular issue. Others who take the report will bid up the price and there is an investor mad-dog-like frenzy when these things first
      come out. You will probably miss out on 1 or 2 stocks a year that do not come back down below $3, but in the long view of
      investing, that is irrelevent. Even Max Bowser tells the folks that follow his newsletter to do about the same thing to avoid paying
      more than they have to.

    • I would not be surprised if DYNT is to be snapped up by a major pharmaceutical company. They are getting their business plans together and putting out more new products. They have previously forecasted improved profits for 1998. Either way something good is in the work.

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