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  • yhoo_watch_dog yhoo_watch_dog Oct 13, 2008 7:30 PM Flag

    Not a huge discount after today

    NAV didn't pop too much. It's too bad. NAV should've gone up at least 10%.

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    • Energy, I disagree. I believe dividend capture is a valid strategy. I guess it depends on what you are seeking. I am not looking for capital appreciation, I want income. And if you look at the history of AOD it has never failed to declare its dividend. I am satisfied with the nice monthly stipend this stock affords, if I were younger I might be more interested in appreciation, but...there's a lot to be said for a steady income stream, especially one that is there month after month regardless of market conditions.

    • energy why did you sell aod at 7.50 yesterday do you regret it today? did you notice aod is up 44 percent in the past 2 days how your bfd doing? if you dont own aod anymore why are you still here?

    • Yup into energy at the sell at a big loss
      Into foreign stocks at the top.. to sell at a big loss
      Out of Financials before the pre-crash rally missing the rally
      Into financial before the big big crash - just after the pre-crash rally
      Into consumer discretionary stocks before the big crash - long term idiocy

      Which ever way you slice it these guys are wrong way feldmans

      Annual Turnover % 376.00% - Totally Nuts

      Once you get to know them, some fund families simply don't pass muster. I won't invest in their funds -- no matter how terrific their returns. Maybe I'm too stubborn, but the following is a list fund families that I avoid and the reasons why.

      As far as I'm concerned, one bad apple can spoil an entire shop. The bad apple here is Alpine Dynamic Dividend (symbol ADVDX). It does virtually everything it can to goose its yield -- including buying stocks due to pay special one-time dividends to capture the payout. The fund yields a rich 4.8%. But when a stock pays out a dividend, its price drops by precisely that amount (other things being equal). And the fund turns over its portfolio about twice a year, on average, largely in pursuit of dividends. "By using high-yield rotation, we look to generate more yield by keeping the money moving," co-manager Jill Evans says on Alpine's Web site.

      I think that "dividend capture" is a gimmick, not an investment strategy. And a firm that markets gimmicky products isn't one I want to trust with my money.

    • energystock,

      i think you mean they moved INTO (not OUT of) energy at the top.

      that is my understanding anyway.

    • go away and "concentrate" your efforts elsewhere!

    • Why would you have expected a 10% increase in NAV?

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      • I expect 10% or more appreciation in NAV because, the underlying stocks such as Nintendo, Nestle, Mitsubishi, Sampo etc are up. Typically, they get reflected a day later in US exchanges in the .pk stock. Nestle is a classic example. Checkout NSRGY.PK at the end of the day today.

        In the long run, this is a decent diversified international portfolio holding Energy, Indusctrials, Consumer staples etc.

        Many of these companies have buy backs that should keep the value of the stock up a decent level.

        The big question is dividend. I can almost see the dividend getting cut in half (still more than 12%). They have not characterized the dividend for this quarter (paid Monthly) and I would venture out to say this could be some return of capital. I hope the management stops the dividend and reinvest in large caps and start the dividend after a year or two when market settles down.

        I have invested here because of portfolio mix and I could buy this at 30% discount to NAV more than the dividend aspect. Anyone investing for dividend could be in for a rude shock in December.

    • Look at their portfolio. Only 37% is US stocks. Majority holding is outside US such as nintendo. Japan is up 15% Tuesday morning and so are others. NAV should be up at least 10% tomorrow.
      Check the following link that leads to ETFCONNECT.COM for AOD for the actual holdings.

      I bought a bunch at 5.70+ and am planning to sell half at $10. It should get there in the next week or so. The management has declared monthly dividend of $0.18 for the next 3 months!!!. So, Patience!!

    • It did by BFD

      AOD Nav 8.49 - 7.65 = 80c
      BFD Nav 11.33 - 8.63 = $2.70c

      BFD was up 17.26% in trading against a NAV increase of 11.41%

      AOD Nav was up a mere 7.6%

7.76+0.01(+0.13%)Aug 24 4:00 PMEDT