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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Dec 25, 2008 9:45 AM Flag

    Take this fund out back and Shoot It

    i sold 50% of my holdings in AOD. i was almost all cash this year and bought alot of puts, so i have gains to offset. i rolled the money into BWC.

    if the conf call is positive, i'll look to buy back sometime in Q1. the div capture strategy should work well as the market recovers so i'd like to have some money in AOD/AGD. let's hope there is some clarity on the conf call and not so much smoke and mirrors.

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    • im not so sure what is so "smoke and mirrors" about aod! lets face it gang there is no free lunch.! In a rapidly declining market like we saw in 08 the divy capture strategy will eat up nav quickly....just as fast as high yield funds, convertable funds, corporate bond funds, equity funds , reits etc etc etc all have been is the chance to pick among the ruins for the long term. AOD my opinion only works in a rising market (obviously) a slightly rising or slightly falling market, and a flat market. So in most cases, most of the time AOD could be a good fund to hold....unfort for aod and just about anything long equities in 08 it was a rough year. What is left is for individual investors to buy long term bargains of a life time...then settle in and TURN OFF the sound on CNBC...that network would have you buy and sell your whole portfollio 6 times a day if you listen to all the so called experts...they seem to love the market when its at all time highs and think it will go 50% higher and at lows they think it will go 50% lower...just like oil was going to $200" A SURE THING" Now oil is going to $20 bucks "A SURE THING!" Pardon the language but its all a bunch of bullshit and opinion. So fellow investors if you think the world is coming to an end sell everything you own... i on the other hand will continue to pick up good companies equity, cef's at huge discounts, MLP's that have been battered, and Canroys that have been left for dead! Good luck to everybody in 09!

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