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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Nov 11, 2009 8:46 PM Flag

    year end - AOD -Think about this ...

    on jan 2 of 2009, the NAV (XAODX) was 7.15. today it is 7.14. so there are not really any huge profits they are sitting on. they've been distributed already via the monthly payouts.

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    • If you look at AOD's April 30th balance sheet, the realized
      and unrealized capital losses are 2.73 billion. It will take
      a few years of gains to match against that amount. I would
      imagine we won't receive a capital gains distribution for a
      good while. However, I believe the monthly income distributions
      will continue.
      As for the point about the NAV being $ 7.14 vs. $ 7.15 on
      1/2/09; you must add the $1.20 in income distributions we've
      been paid, to arrive at a true percentage. Add 7.14 plus 1.20
      and you get $ 8.34. Or a total NAV return of 16.6%. The Market
      Price return has been much higher.
      Something to think about.

    • I do not want to sell my AOD until the capital gains are long-term instead of short-term - why give more than we have to of our bull market $$$ away in taxes? We all deserve every dime of capital gains we made after that hit we took last year.

      To those fortunate enough to own this in an IRA, this reasoning of course does not apply.

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