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Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend F Message Board

  • www_fear1star_com www_fear1star_com May 13, 2010 10:48 AM Flag

    LMAO... sorry

    I buy at these levels

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    • i bet the current information is even worse.

    • Very true. A whole heck of a lot can change. I guess the question is...
      Is the difference in income vs distribution
      1: a temporary thing based upon dividend cuts that should rise as companies raise dividends.
      2: a permanent thing based upon declining NAV unable to purchase and produce enough income.

      My opinion is #2 but only time will tell.

    • That information is 7 months old.

    • Re the LONG RIDE..count me out-- premiun way to caught on one myself a while back.....i might grab the div and run, but never sleep til the money is in the bank...this stock must have a risk rating of YIPES. ........AND THAT WAS BEFORE THE EURO SH-T FALLOUT OF THE LAST FEW DAYS...Even KUDLOW IS scared,and thinking of taking back his v-recovery theory..GLTA

      watch you asses all you guys and lasses, show time may be soon, and i'll be watching from the side lines mostly ....glta

    • drgon66 May 14, 2010 5:27 PM Flag

      I suppose I should have stated that Steven Lieber sold Evergreen Funds to someone I don't remember who and formed Alpine...before Scotttrade and all this we did Mutual funds...Evergreen Total Return paid .28 a Quarter @ around 18.00 per share, I still hold an account, because I am Grand fathered as an institutional investor in a fund that requires 1 million to enter, but it was never the same after Steven Lieber sold...I think today they pay around .08 (peanuts).The point...I hold a small portion in Evergreen for the Grandfather, but I watch Alpine and Pimco for the celebrity...I am not afraid, I am here for the ride...short, long, indifferant the market is what it is..the IMF thing is worrisome, because that makes the game to extreme for my comfort, I find it uncomfortable with interest rates at near zero...I think we are in for a long ride...I hope we enjoyed and are all smiles at the end.

    • My friend, if you are buying this fund at these premium levels it is everyone else that is Laughing their AO.

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      • yeah, i'm laughing too. it is crunch time for AOD right now. last time they had to cut the div, i think they announced a one month div instead of three months. the one month was same level as before and then they presented the reduced dividend in the next announcement (again, going on memory).

        AOD began with a 10% premium to NAV. rates were higher then so i'd guess maybe 20% is the right number now. NAV is at 6.00. so value around 7.20. but that is with the current payout level. maybe 7.00 after a cut of 2 or 3 cents.

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