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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 May 17, 2010 11:19 AM Flag



    you need some help buddy. i can see this is your first party.

    if you don't compare your investment performance to the overall market, how do you know if you are a successful investor ? if you think the answer is "i have more money than i started with", you'd be wrong.

    just make sure you don't buy AOD and that'll get you started off on the right foot.

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    • This is far from my first party my friend.

      You obviously fail to see the point I am getting at.

      Your logic is flawed. You cannot compare the likes of SPY which the majority of people will buy for capital appreciation to AOD which people buy for income. The only fair comparison would be to sell off some of your SPY each month to match the income received from AOD. Only then can you determine if SPY beat AOD over the specified period.

      If you compare apples to oranges then your answer will be bananas.

      If however you brought both SPY and AOD for purely capital appreciation then your analysis has some merit; I think a quick poll of anyone who has held AOD will show it is primarily an income vehicle.

      Try hitting the spreadsheets again.

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