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  • americafirstremodeling americafirstremodeling Jul 20, 2010 9:56 AM Flag

    wtf is wrong with you people

    i told you in my last posting that this lawfirm filed a false report to drive the share price down.

    i asked that we all unite against this attack on the share price.

    yet not one shareholder posted a response.

    you people are walking zombies , and thats why you voted this idiot into office, who is single handily destroying America .

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    • another political hack, without a clue, posting BS based on other people's BS...

      Can smell your kind all the way to and from the outhouse where you get your data and develop that radical right wing logic!

      If Alaska oil had not started flowing, Regan would have been remembered as the biggest clown actor every tried to play the role of president!

    • You GO JERRY and tell it like it really is!!! Thanks!!

    • You must be of BLACK PERSUASION

    • I couldn't have said it better myself!!!

    • I haven't read all of the replies to "wtf...", but I can see that the same old stupid argument is still being used by the brainless liberals. We are NOT bigots and racist. I wouldn't care if he were blue, green or purple. And I am not a "card-carrying Republican". The simple fact is that Obama is destroying our country and he needs to be voted out along with his cronies. Open your eyes people.


    • AMEN and then some!!!!! You GO GUY!!!!

    • O.K. what do you suggest we do.Jesse

    • Americafir;

      If your investing in a fund that places a large portion of investor money in other countries,
      then, your the guy should wake up and smell what's burning and why.

      Can you say "New World --- DIS - Order"?

      Do you have a clue what happened or why as a result of "deregulation", and "privatization" in order to give - favors to friends -- by the previous administration ?

      Here's a couple of Examples;

      The US tax payer has given vast sums to companies like Halliburton -- private contractors with the so called war effort, linked to the X-VP who shoots at friends, and defended Enron saying that company was only acting according to laws of business -- while Enrot manipulated power contracts out west (to the tune of billions) and then collapsed!

      During the hearings, Fastow stated he could show how Wall Street was helping Enron cook the books and leverage and/or shift debt, but that administration choose to ignore the revelations and tried to sweep all aside..
      (and who was it provided office space, a corporate plane, and funding to get that previous guy into office -- hint - E*RO*, *=N, not to mention questions about vote count in Florida)..

      Your post claims: Single handed efforts to wreck the country, but it was Halliburton who moved it's corporate offices to DUBAI -- for what? ~~ escape US domestic taxes? Where's the nationalism in that?

      What do you know about boys serving in the National Guard? (never in history called up to invade or act as police force in a hostile country).. They come home, have lost their jobs, and homes, and why? Cause the guys you de-facto support, let Wall Street Leverage and Crash the Whole Financial System, (was it all a gamble to pay for the cost of war )..

      So now as de-leverage continues -- Why wouldn't the EU be pulled into the problems and impact AOD share holders? And, as the chips fall where they will, why won't the EU come back as well as confidence in AOD ??


      You post like you have some sort of right to wrap yourself in the Pride of The Flag, point your crooked finger at others, and suggest you know what leadership is?

      What ever it is you think you know, I suggest you look deeper, cause you do not understand it at all ? Nor does, Mr. Snow White !

      Your post is as toxic as those who instead of regulate with prudent understanding, give favors to Wall Street and think it's all just a self serving game!

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      • I have always been conservatice---but I was fed up with the Bush Cheney B.S. I expected more from Obama in getting this country on the right track. I feel he is just a master speech giver. Any problem at all---give us a speech. Where have all the Statesmen gone? The sell out of our country came from both sides of the aisle. IMHO

      • Well said, you have a better grasp of what really took place
        than most of the Obama haters on this board. I commend you
        for telling it like it is, you are a voice that needs to be
        heard more often to expose the deeds of the prior adminis-
        tration. The Obama haters have no interest in the facts and
        never will. It's the usual tactics, guns, gays, abortion,
        birthers and now the mosque, all intended to divide the pop-
        ulation and avoid talking about the real issues this country faces.
        Time to see thru their tactics and vote for those that
        will effect real change that puts Main Street ahead of Wall Street.

      • sir, just go watch zeitgeist or any other video i told you to watch.

        i spent 20 years in banking, and left when buyers wanted to pay all cash for properties , but my superiors told me to lie and talk them into a mortgage, that could never ever be paid off.

        on a 100,000 loan at 5.5% on 30 years you pay an astonishing 265,000 for said loan. but since the principal is lent , never the interest, how can you ever payoff any loan, when the money for the interest is never printed into exsistance.

        answer that before you attempt to judge me.
        because it sounds like you are a dumbass , clueless , beer drinkin , steak eatin american

      • Brava Mr. Snow, Bravo. You are my definition of a Patriotic American. Because you are honest and pragmatic and devoid of the delusional behavior; the lies and rants that drive these people to the edge of insanity. I wonder how many actually have served their Country in uniform?

        But you are wasting your time talking to the "Birthers", "Tenthers" and those who want to repeal the 13th and 17th Amendments. These people are delusional, angry hate and fear peddlers. Leave them with their tin foil.

      • AMEN! You nailed it perfectly, King George did more harm
        to this country than anyone previously or since. It's as
        plain as the nose on your face. Obama inherited the worst
        mess imaginable yet the bigots and Glenn Beck followers
        are blinded by hate. The party of "NO" will self destruct.

    • 1: The lawsuit didnt do anything. The premium and falling income was plenty to crash the fund.

      2: If Obama wasnt a citizen do you REALLY think the Republicans wouldnt be fighting it after all the other stalling, fillibustering, and blocking tactics they do? Dems do the same thing when they are a minority party so they arent better.

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