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  • cryptomeria12 cryptomeria12 Aug 27, 2010 10:11 PM Flag

    Is this

    rlaimbeer...A week or so ago you named tax free muni fund that have exposure to AMT. Am curious as to where this AMT exposure info is found. Am interested in aquiring tax free muni funds but am leary of AMT. Have managed to stay away from this tax. We pay enough as it is. Would appreciate any info you may share with me.

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    • Crypto: AMT exposure is shown on the funds web site. Sometimes it is listed on the summary page that show key statistics. I believe almost all of them report AMT status in their annual report or in a special year end tax supplement which is usually listed under literature/documents. BlackRock publishes an end of the year tax summary which shows AMT for every fund. Invesco VanKampen funds publish a spreadsheet of key financial statistics for each fund which is updated monthly. It is found under News when you click on a specific fund.

      PMX, PML and PMF at Pimco are AMT free, FMN and ABF are AMT tax free. EIV and EIM are tax AMT free. NMZ is only 15%. KSM is 9%. EVN and MAV (which yield over 7.3%) are 30% AMT. VGM is 18% AMT tax free. When you report tax free on your return the portion which is subject to AMT add back is added back to income to determine is you qualify for additional AMT.

    • Crypto, you're in disguise, but we know you're really "retired afe8" AND "walsingmalinda"

      You can't fool us. Remember this nugget you posted? AOD closed that day at 7.36

      Re: wow 16-Jun-10 11:39 am Wonder what all the preachers of doom and gloom have to say now about AOD. The fund paying the usual dividend totally destroyed their day. No doubt they will start trying to convince AOD investors that the July dividend is in peril. Wish they would mind their own business. They undoubtedly lost by selling AOD short and just can't get over it. Sa la vie, mon amie. retiredafe8

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