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  • americafirstremodeling americafirstremodeling Jan 26, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    buy at 4.50 and hold til 7

    see what happens from now til december

    i got a lot of shrs i've been holding since 4.25

    sell order in for 7

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    • You will be on the wrong side ot the grass before you see 7 with this DOG

    • AFR: I do make calls but I dont buy garbage which is what AOD is right now. I was long AOD in 2009 and Q1 2010. AOD announces 3 months of dividends at a time. I sold in 2010 with pretty good profit before the drop off before the dividend cut. They announced only 1 month of dividends and I (and others) warned people. Course many called me an idiot but they didn't notice the same thing happened before the 2009 dividend cut.

      Its all there on this forum for you to go and look. The internet has a great history of keeping track of calls as you and I both are familiar with lol.

    • We sure did see what happened.
      Another dividend cut.
      Another year of a new (lower) technical analysis call
      Another year of you calling others idiots.

      You might actually be right this year though. AOD is at a decent discount to NAV... at least until they destroy it some more.

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      • my guess is 'americafirst' didn't make a buy at 3.85 as advertised on a different thread. good to bring up posts from the past to expose the level of intelligence. i'm still waiting for 'americafirst' to explain how technical analysis, like moving averages, applies to AOD. i don't think a fund with 400% turnover in their portfolio can be analyzed with a moving average. you need a single stock or ETF that tracks an index (eg, holdings don't change).

    • Funny thing is that you called $7 for end of 2011.

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      • i don't know if shirley is around but i'm about to 'crunch some numbers' to assist this poster. it doesn't take me long to do this math but i do use a spreadsheet, can't do it in my head.

        so i start with 4.50 and look for 7.00 sometime in the next year or two. that is a 56% increase plus they are paying a dividend north of 10%/yr.

        so if your hold period is one year, you are thinking at least 66% return in one year. if it is two years, 76% return or 38% per year (shirley, i did this second piece of math in my head !!!).

        i have heard people talk about periods in the past where we had 30% gains for several years in a row. and they came after periods like we've just been through. so it isn't impossible.

        the problem is that alpine mgmt always lags the market return so you'll need an even higher return in the overall market in order to get that return via AOD.

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