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  • ohthehumanity8 ohthehumanity8 Sep 28, 2012 10:07 AM Flag

    AOD continues to lag. Not "turning the corner."

    Quote from another poster: "a fantastic year relative to their previous performance. ***i haven't checked*** to see how they've done against other cef's and various indices "

    With quotes like the above, we see why so many are terrible investors. Just about every fund has had a great year, The market is way up especially for yield stocks. The test isn't how this monumentally atrocious fund has done compared with its own dismal past but how it compares with a dart board fund of equivalent stocks or an index. AOD lags comparable indexes even as AOD uses some leverage.

    Yes, AOD looks **decent** lately as long as the market continues to soar and as long as shareholders don't inspect its performance relative to similar investments. Compared with AOD's past, EVERYTHING looks fantastic!

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    • The best part here is that someone complaining about lawsuits against those involved for AOD is going to pass judgement on bluebuick and rlaimbeer for being terrible investors. Thanks othehumanity for the laugh this morning. Started my week off right.

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