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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Dec 2, 2012 2:58 AM Flag

    AOD and return of capital

    some more data from my review of AOD, BOE and ETO.

    AOD - in 2010 the NAV (XAODX) fell from 7.04 to 6.36, a loss of .68. they paid out 1.05. so .68 was return of capital and .37 was earned. in 2011, NAV fell from 6.36 to 4.81, a loss of 1.55. they paid out .66 and all of this was return of capital (plus they lost .89 to get you back to the 1.55 loss). so far in 2012, NAV down from 4.81 to 4.57, loss of .24. if they can get back to 4.81 by year end, they will have earned the .66 dividend paid out (no return of capital). but as of now, they've earned .42 and .24 is return of capital. the total for the almost three years (one month left) is NAV loss of 2.47 and div paid out of 2.37. so 100% of the div payout over the almost three year period is return of capital. they had no cumulative profits (lost 1.4%) and therefore had to sell assets to pay the dividend.

    BOE (XBOEX) was better but not great. they made 9.5% over the almost three years. about 3%/year. they lost 4.42 in NAV versus a 6.25 div payout. so they only earned about 1.83 of the dividend.

    ETO (XETOX) did the best. ETO NAV increased 27% over the almost three years, up 1.44. and they paid out 4.21. so they did not have any return of capital since NAV increased, all profits.

    i know ken heebner (CGMFX) did worse than AOD during this period. he lost 20% so coming out with only a 1.4% loss over three years is not bad when compared to his picks. but doesn't look so good when compared with the folks picking stocks at ETO.

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