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  • great_potential2003 great_potential2003 Jan 17, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

    Solid-State Lighting Recovery Act Award Selections

    From my Google alerts:

    Solid-State Lighting Recovery Act Award Selections

    Corporation (UDC) Ewing, NJ
    Creation of a U.S. Phosphorescent OLED Lighting Panel Manufacturing Facility. This project seeks to design and set up two pilot phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) manufacturing lines. The team will implement UDC's PHOLED technology and provide prototype lighting panels to U.S. luminaire manufacturers to incorporate into products, to facilitate testing of design, and to gauge customer acceptance.
    $4,000,000 $8,304,470

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    • No, skimer, IDC does not have pilot line for full-color displays, and they are not going to have it, I am sure about it.
      As for lighting, it may be easier and cheaper, so they will do it. After that UDC may sell not just IP, but production line ready to be replicated and extended to commercial quantities.

    • My understanding is that UDC does have pilot R&D lines in place for display applications. This announcement could represent a move to replicate its display business model for lighting applications.

      They gave a timeline for the R&D line but did not give a timeline for an actual production line. Therefore I beleive like many pie in the sky concepts surrounding OLED's we'll have to wait and see, but the answer may not be discovered in Skimmer's lifetime:)

    • I agree CPR ... the lead time, start-up times, and effort to rerseach full production capabilities is beyond UDC's reach in any reasonable timeframe. Now a pilot line for proof of concepts may indeed be a possibility ....BUT are we not already doing such research with our current licensees? Or could it just be, again, I'm confused and cannot see the bigger picture?


    • Yesterday we reported on the DOE's Recover Act Rewards, and today we have more details on two of the projects. UDC got $4 million (out of a $8.3 million project) to create a US phosphorescent OLED Lighting panel manufacturing Facility. UDC will design and setup two pilot lines, and will provide prototype lighting panels to U.S. luminaire manufacturers to incorporate into products, to facilitate testing of design, and to gauge customer acceptance.

      Moser Baer Technologies will supply equipment for these lines. The first might become operation already in 2011 (the specific location isn't public yet). The second line is geared towards commercial volumes of panels. This could mean that UDC will become an OLED panel production company - and not just an IP one. This is an interesting move by UDC that is quite risky as they will compete with their licensees.
      Pilot lines for manufactures to make their transition to a new technology easier.
      I don't see them making commercial quantities and competing with their licensees - UDC just don't have enough resources for mass production and it's not their bread and butter - let them stay with IP.

    • I think it is a very smart move if that is the plan. I believe there is more ways than one to make money out of our IP. We get a slight competitive edge in manufacturing and can show eveyone how great our tech is, and they will need to license it to match it!

    • Just got around to looking at this thread. I am confused as to why UDC has not issued a press release. When I saw GP's original post, I noticed that the link indicated 2009 news. When I went to the DOE website and did a search myself, this IS very recent with a press release dated 1/15/10.

      UDC is a direct recipient of a substantial award, and I really don't know why we aren't shouting from the rooftops.

      The ONLY thing I can think of is this language in the press release:

      "The projects announced today are award selections. The final details of the award contracts will be finalized in negotiations between DOE and each grantee. Read more information about the grant selections."

      Perhaps it is UDC's policy not to issue a PR until the grant is finalized.

      Nonetheless, it was a great find by GP, and one that I am tempted to act upon with the newly printed September calls.

      Incidentally, I did leave a couple of handfuls of my January $10 calls in play through expiration. The exercised shares are now a nice addition to my core position, and so I am longer than ever. I was fortunate enough to fund the exercise with proceeds from the calls that I did sell.



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      • Andy:

        Buddy bradle is right. Like all DOE and DOD grants, UDC puts up some of the money and the gov. puts up the rest. In this case UDC will put up 8.3 million and get 4 million from the government. I know that you know this though so I'm not telling you anything new.

        These pilot lines will probably be like the display lines. One is for R&D and the other is to work out the details for how to do full production. I don't think UDC has plans to go into competition with GE or LG with regard to lighting, an 8.3 million dollar investment is not a lot in comparison with the potential revenue for that industry, so it probably would just be dismantled, a pilot line of the size that can be built for 8.3 mil would would most likely not reach the economies of scale needed to meet market demands.



      • I don't see why there would be any shouting about this news. UDC will spend $8.3M and get back $4M from the Recovery Act. They'll put together a couple production lines to make test panels. Part of the project is to get manufacturers interested in the resulting product. The Feds are going to negotiate with UDC on the conditions that the panels and the manufacturing technology are dispersed to potential manufacturers of light panels and lighting panel products. UDC could be selling a substantial portion of their future rights and control over the manufacturing of these products for $4M. If UDC really has something worthwhile here, they'd be better off doing it on their own.

      • Not to change the subject but CREE just reported a record quarter. Should give boost to others like PANL so hopefully, it will crab on the CREE's coat tail for a few days. Now back to the original discussion (which I know nothing about).

    • You gotta be kidding.
      He is more closer to an apologist than a basher.

    • Skimer has panties that are older than you, newb.

      Lay off.

    • It sounds interesting and it could be a good opportunity to demo the advantages of OVPD OVJD OVJP and PHOLED. I think we also have made strides in flex production that can be utilized in the pilot line. It would be interesting if we could create a pilot production line that could actually generate income (eventually pay for itself and generate income - become a source of cash).

    • Expecting at least a PR release from the company. Eight million dollars is hardly chump change!

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      • Maybe a delay in a PR release would be a good way to keep the price down while someone accumulates. Just like we see a drop in price on small trades. A good way to get the casual investor to dump shares - then the informed investor can pick up bargains and wait for the delayed release of news.

        Why else would a company sit on news as big as a play in the lighting market? If OLED light panels reduce consumption and heat load as much as claimed, utilities will be subsidizing retro fit installs to replace flourescent fixtures. It is not as sexy as cell phone displays, but a very huge market.

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