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  • richandre1988 richandre1988 Mar 25, 2011 11:56 AM Flag

    OMG!!! Be Very Careful!!!

    From the PANL Prospectus:

    "An investment in our securities involves a high degree of risk.... You should not purchase our securities if you cannot afford the loss of your entire investment."

    All I can say is OMG!!!

    By the way, why do they need to raise cash and dilute the p@#$ out of shareholders if they are poised to make money hand over fist? I will tell you why. You see, the current stock price goes with the expectation that large corporations are going to waltz into PANL offices, skipping happly to and fro, bringing large bags of money with big red bows tied around. Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa!!! PANL management appreciates your vote of confidence. However, they fully understand that they need to build up a war chest to finance the loooonngggg multi-year patent litigation battles ahead of them. Don't get me wrong, I am sure management is working very hard to capture the revenues that would even remotely justify this nose bleed stock price. It's just that it will take years and years and years of litigation to bring that kind of money in. Raising a huge amount of cash at the expense of huge shareholder dilution is a necessary start. They are doing the right thing to bring you the value you expect by the year 2021. Hope this helps and Happy investing! :D

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    • Since PANL's OLEDs are now just beginning to see global acceptance, and because PANL has the monopoly on OLED technology, value-seekers are buying the stock now, knowing the stock will increase.

      PANL OLEDs are just beginning to appear in Samsung smartphones. We still have other vendor smartphones, OLED televisions, tablet computers, computer monitors and environmental lighting that has yet to be accounted for. PANL is the pioneer here, at the forefront of it all, and it's also why the current market price for their stock is a steal.

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      • Why would large institutional investors pay 250 million for a law suit. The answer is they wouldn't they don't control billion is assets to make mistakes like that. People in these boards need to understand that the big dogs know wayy more than we do once they buy, they make sure of it. Anyone who thinks that this stock offering with GS brokering it isn't the biggest single show of support for a company in recent history should find another way other than investing to make money before they end up broke.

    • Be VERY careful you dont miss it. OMG!!!!

    • sandiskrocks Mar 25, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

      Dude, this stock trades on future technology, and by the way, they will make money in 2012. It's trading similar to a biotech, with the exception that this technology is actually REAL! It's also under the radar by far at this point in time. Wait until it really gets interest from more institutions

    • Thanks "Danny" [ the use of "happy anything" as a sig makes you a danny.
      Btw how much do you think lawyers cost? I seriously doubt they need anything remotely close to 250 million for patent disputes. Not even close.

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