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  • jackgotney jackgotney May 10, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    Wow - glad I took profits on the way up

    my take - Over 3000000 shares already in the sell off. To me this is generating momentum. When I see at least 3 times normal volume and a big move, usually you see another 10% move in the same direction following. I think we will eventually see 40, or high 30s. The investors are sending a clear message of disatisfaction. Clear, enthusiastic communication is needed (their presentations I no longer listen too because I sort of cringe - just read the transcripts), and it is getting late in the game for such an earnings strikeout even granted it was mainly what looks like cashless marking to market of outstanding warrant liabilities. I am not a real player of technicals though I do have some respect for them, but might not re-invest until I see a re-negotiated contract, and earnings.

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    • That's so funny. I see it just the other way. That's why people buy and that's why people sell

    • What were people expecting. Huge profits ? Lavish contract announcements with everybody ?

      Performance vs. Outlook.

      Was the performance a complete unexpected disaster ? Is the outlook hugely negative ?

      What was the expectation that the stock should take a $10 hit ?

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      • This was an excuse to sell. Many people though tit was over valued. this was the reason to get out. so many people made so much money, why not take some profits.
        this thing spiked to 63 less than a month ago.
        honestly I think 20-30 is reasonable value based on risk reward at this point. this company may never be hugely profitable. they may only get 1% in royalties and screen volume may never be as huge as all those guesstimates.

        so if you are long, who cares about day to day. unless you want to buy more. but if it was me I would wait a few weeks and see where the dust settles.

      • congrats. i should have recognized "bubble" after run up from offering price. i beleive the problem is lack of progress on green, unable to give any progress on contract and all answers..cant say if not announced. need new management. need shake up. i believe there will be support at 45, near price of offering

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