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  • panl2b2 panl2b2 Jul 26, 2012 12:27 AM Flag

    Mitsubishi OLED screen, a big show of the Eighth International Coal Show
    "With more than 800 vendors from around the world have a triumphant return back to the camp, the perfect curtain call of the China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition 2012 (eighth), however, the resulting business opportunities and competition in the market one after another on stage.
      It is understood that the world's top five coal mine exhibition of China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition is not only grace the stage of the various coal companies, coal production safety monitoring in the field vendors a big party. The exhibition attracted manufacturers collective appearance of the coal industry. Among them, large-screen video leader Mitsubishi's new display technology OLED display in the coal show is a big flashy.

      Mitsubishi OLED screen is responsible for the safe production of coal industry has been subject to the Chinese government attaches great importance, as an important part of safety monitoring of mining - large screen splicing products in recent years has also become the focus of the media business procurement equipment. Through this exhibition, see more mining enterprises security enhanced awareness of the opportunities to Mitsubishi. The coal development, Mitsubishi Electric is a very high value, showing a globally recognized green low-carbon display device OLED display.
      During the exhibition, come to the Mitsubishi booth scene to observe the big screen audience flocked to their Mitsubishi OLED screen, the screen display quality to give a high evaluation. Especially clear OLED display device, color fidelity, image contour, with the Mitsubishi unique modular screen technology, the full realization of the infinite zoom seamless features to meet the demanding requirements of high-end users the quality, color and installation . For safety monitoring of the coal industry will play a very important role.
      It is understood that as a professional imaging system, the leader in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the end of 2010 to introduce new products to the world's first OLED screen display, and this is the field of large screen display for the first time the introduction of OLED technology. OLED does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substances, its low-carbon environmental philosophy and prominent display performance, and become a globally recognized green low-carbon display device, not only to bring new vitality to the market for science and technology images, and set off the big screen display technological change in the field of the wave.

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