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  • stenvandervlugt stenvandervlugt Jan 10, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    CES 2013: Top 5 TVs (CNET)


    Gold, Silver and Bronze for Oled

    1. LG EA9800 OLED TV

    2. Panasonic OLED UHD TV

    3. Samsung curved OLED TV

    4. Sharp Purios UHD TV

    5. Sony OLED UHD TV

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    • There is relief here to see that OLED captured the #1 spot. I'm surprised that OLED almost sweeps the whole list. This is terrific. With decades of LCD progress against embryonic OLED tech, it is clear in my mind that OLED will win the large screen format on image quality alone. I've only seen the Sony 11" screen and the image was noticeably more fluid and natural than any LCD tech I had ever seen. I can only imagine how much better these large screens appear, even against the very best LCD. The list is affirmation that the best LCDs don't compete against OLED.

      Eventually OLED should enable even bigger screens than are possible today through flexible substrates. Flex will enable roll-to-roll manufacturing where only the width is limited. It will also solve supply chain-logistics problems of huge substrates and boxes of fragile TVs. I can imagine buying a narrow 6' long box of screen that dwarfs any LCD on the market today or any day in the future. There is a practical limit to the size of a rigid screen.

      Throw in the mfg cost and power savings, super thin profile and transparency options - there is really no competition in the long term. Of course one can argue Quantum Dots over OLED, but it is really like arguing VHS and Betamax or BlueRay against HDDVD. For now OLED has the lead and there are no proven advantages of Quantum Dots. Any argument is speculation - which all PANL investors are doing. For now, there is no credible threat or investment option in QDots.

      Our day will come, albeit over a decade in the making. PANL ON

    • but panl keeps sliding as no one gave a definite date for mkt. entry.

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