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  • stenvandervlugt stenvandervlugt Jan 15, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    A revolution in design awaits



    We're likely to see the benefits of bendy OLEDs sooner in a less eyebrow-raising but more practical implementation. It may never have occurred to you, but all electronic screens, except for cathode-ray tubes, are flat. With OLEDs, they don't have to be. LG and Sony showed TV sets with concave screens at the show -- not very useful, but an interesting demonstration. In the future, you could have a phone with a screen that laps over onto the edges, providing you with "smart" buttons with labels that change depending on whether you're in camera mode or music mode. You could have a coffee mug with a wrap-around news and weather ticker. A revolution in design awaits.

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    • APPLE is going down and will hit 350 very soon. Apple's lack of innovation is showing. Many who have the iPhone 4s did not upgrade.... "just for a longer screen". By the time they do decide Samsung will be light years ahead. I hope Apple smells the coffee and moves to OLED (Sharp Igzo.. LOL).

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      • "Many who have the iPhone 4s did not upgrade.... "just for a longer screen""

        It's not just that. My wife did not upgrade b/c she was very irritated that crApple used a completely different connector for the i5, so all the connectors in the house, car, work would have been obsolete. She would have had to spend another $60 to buy all new connection gear. She is seriously considering an S3 (I have one already and she likes it), or maybe an S4 (I would be very jealous).

    • Or a smartphone which bends around your writs like a bracelet and serves as a watch/news ticker when you only need passive information. When you need the smartphone capabilities, you take it off your wrist and flatten it out.

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