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  • jamesshensel Feb 2, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    Any thoughts on APPL and PANL talks?

    Its doubtful that Apple will buy PANL with no experiance with the company. Its more doubtful that PANL would be bought at this stage as there is no compelling reason to do so. The need no money, that have 200 million in cash. They are just at the begining of growth for screens and lighting is 2-5 years away. How can you possible value that? Laastly, Samsung has been very good to PANL and they certainly have the means to buy PANL as well. So do many other companies. PANL is no where near the point of selling in my opinion. Maybe, maybe in 6-9 years.

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    • Why anyone would think that PANL is a potential buyout is beyond me. It shows ignorance of the business model, sector and just common sense. Panl is a supplier to multiple OEMs. The idea of a buyout by one of those is silly. You can tell a novice investor by how interested they are in the idea of "Buyout."

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      • No need to insult people - this place is about learning. And I would say you are dreaming if you don't think the end game here is an acquisition. Obviously you can't have Apple or Samsung or LGD buying the company. But it would be a very good fit for Dow, LG Chem, duksan etc. I can't evnision a take-out price below $100 and don't see it happening in the next 6 months....but eventually the founders of this company will want to cash out and there WILL be a willing buyer at a high price point.

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