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  • biffonsabbatical biffonsabbatical Mar 19, 2013 10:15 AM Flag


    UDC needs to promote its brand. There is simply not enough knowledge about this company, with the definite exception being day-traders and shorts. It is becoming unfair to the equity holders. UDC needs to be doing a much better job defending its stock price. One thing I'm now wondering is why they only invested 10% of their stock reivestment budget when the stock was in the mid-20's. What were they waiting for? Again, this managment team seems good at some things and totally amateurish at others.

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    • I do agree that a full time IR person would be very very helpful. Branding I don't see the need for. why invest in a brand name when your customers market your product for you????

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The only time UDC gets up front mention is when it gets a government contract-grant and even then it is usually in conjunction with somebody else.

      New article about Samsung working on a wrist watch. Another new gadget that might have oled in it but do you hear anything about udc ? No. It seems that the general population does not put enough emphasis on a screen. It wants stuff like apps, operatoins, form and factor.

      Techie at Costco joked about eating a carrot when I told him what the "o" stood for in oled. I am hoping for another run up in the stock based on some better chem sales-tv-lighting pre-2017 so I can cash out the rest of what I have.

    • MM can really F with a company doing a buy back so its tricky to handle buy backs in away that doesn't force the price you pay up too fast as MM get what you are doing. Then there is the question should it matter whether the MM are trying to F the company by forcing higher asks knowing the company is trying to move $50m into the stock. The alternative that would have been a bit more interesting is if they could have gone directly to Vanguard and Fidelity and negotiated a 50 million block trade in the dark pools in the 20s to avoid the whole mm thing and try to squeeze out securities lending at the same time. How low of a price would F&V have settled for if they wanted to buy $50m worth of stock...we'll never know but...that would have been awesome had they done it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • While I agree that $24/share was a good point for PANL to begin its repurchase plan, my sense is that they did enough. More important, management believes that in the long run the best way to build shareholder value is to produce results. My sense is that the conferencce call we will hear after July 4th will make you very happy to be a shareholder at these levels.

      #$%$ for brand building, I couldn't agree more. Given the gamechanging technology that PANL has developed over the last 15 years and that it has enabled Samsung's S4 to some extent, I have over the years suggested to management that it would be good to hire a publicity agent to have articles placed in the Wall Street Journal and general publications.......maybe to be on 60 minutes.

      So far, no response. Maybe some day.


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