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  • stenvandervlugt stenvandervlugt Mar 20, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    Samsung Galaxy S IV preorders 446% higher than Galaxy S III


    That new Android-based smartphone from the biggest phone manufacturer in the world with the big New York launch, the massive screen, and the 13-megapixel camera? Looks like it’s pre-selling like prototypical mobile hotcakes.


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    • What is lost on many is that Galaxy s IV will be much more widely available than the S III in terms of carriers. So you are starting with a significantly larger pool of potential customers.

      Q2 is when we will really start to see the impact if this phone sells even close to as well as expected we should see a series of beats and slow upward guidance revisions. Hopefully on the q1 call they will be able to speak positively on expectations but I think they will continue to be very cautious and just let the numbers tell the story as the year unfolds...probably a very smart move.

    • wow..but this was just at a particular location.
      Overall GS3 pre-orders were 9 million. If we apply the 446% overall we'd end up with 40M...which I don't think is appropriate although it would be awesome and staggering...
      From Macquarie: "Orders for Galaxy S IV should start from Feb 2013. Our checks with material suppliers
      indicate that the material supply chain has secured green phosphorous material orders with 2-
      3m units panels to be delivered in Feb 2013, 4-5m units in March 2013 and 8-9m units in April.
      Relevant companies mentioned that this trend is likely to continue for the next 8-9 months. We
      believe Samsung’s next flagship models (Galaxy Note III or Galaxy IV) are expected to adopt
      UDC’s green phosphorous materials for longer battery life."
      So optimistically 3+5+9= 17 for an end of April release;much higher than 9 but no where near 40 if 446% increase were happening worldwide they are going back to the supply chain and upping the orders big time for March. Another option would be to delay the release and let the phones pile up to meed the pre-order demand. Will they go live with it if they can only meet 50% of the pre-order demand?

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    • I am one of those preorders. Finally gonna retire my almost 3 year old LG!

    • Ka-ching as they say in the USA ! Kaa-ching in Korean ! Ha,ha,ha.. let it rain money on us and torment on the shorts!

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