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  • last_true_liberal last_true_liberal Apr 5, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

    Thank you Obama voters!

    Now the job numbers that Obama rigged before the election are finally showing up.

    Thanks Obama voters! I hope you don't have money invested in the market.

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    • Threads like this is the reason all online communities or forums need a moderator.

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    • Well get ready, Hillary could be our next President. Everybody around the world is rubbing sticks together trying to make the economy work after fate created an economic black hole. Anti-Bamas are upset at losing the election, or at him winning (not sure) and are still resorting to any fleck of a downside to his term. They even portrayed him with a 'look alike' dressed as a hoody in the crowds in the TV series about the Bible story. How could you miss that one. What a laugh. But We are much further along the way than I thought we'd be by now. I am more a moderate. I have some Republican ideology and some Democrat, and I also have disagreements with both ideologies, however progess stops when both sides just bicker endlessly like the houswives of Atlanta on a vacation together. So I am neither conservative, nor a liberal, and consider both extremes, as they are commonly defined, to be dangerous to the common good. I mean what do they accomplish? This is how it will be in 100000 years if we don't start to work together as a team. Since earliest recorded times people have not changed much. Names, and technology will change but for the most part we will all still be accomplishing little if we spend our lives bickering and haggling and blaming each instead of working on developing a more stable system (for one you can't chronically spend more than you earn or your debt will exceed your ablility to service it...ahem). 2600 years ago someone said basically, "Nature can blow for half a morning, and rain for only half a day. If nature doesn't have to insist then why should man?". He also had a philosophy of 'being' (i think experiencing and observing) more than 'acting' (which I take as 'trying to go around making big changes, or changing people, as a modus operandi), so that might not float everybody's boat. The point I am making is fighting gets us nowhere, while things like friendly discussion, research, negotiation, and reasoning are more likely to get us somewhere. Anyway I like the LG TV. It is funny how I watched the video of the 3D OLED TV and I was thinking Wow it looks 3D! The colors and definition and contrast are so much better than my monitor, yet I was viewing it through all the technical constraints of my flat 2D LCD lo-def low contrast monitor. But it looks like a dream TV. MY 32" CRT is on its dying breath. I have to use manual and remote to get it working (have to hit the on off button sometimes 3 times before it stays on or turns off - annoying other problems). It is tempting to think about it. 2h of 2013? Anyone know where Samsung stands with their TV plans? I haven't been here in a while. sorry..I have been mainly invested in the junior miners and a couple other risky gambles.

    • frankly I don't think you were very clear in what you meant and it hasn't anything to do with UDC.
      Perhaps you should review the facts anyway:
      Actually, This Was A GREAT Jobs Report ...
      Joe Weisenthal | Apr. 5, 2013, 10:10 AM | 7,739 | 57

      Seriously, hear us out.
      We've been talking all morning about what a bad jobs report we got for March.
      But there is another side.
      We chatted with Matt Busigin, an economist and investor, who argues that actually this was a "great" jobs report.
      His basic argument:
      The important leading sub-indices (professional/business services, construction) were strong.
      In the key demographic groups, unemployment dropped massively, suggesting that a lot of what people are worried about is just based on aging demographics, not anything cyclical.
      As for the mass exit from the workforce, it finally appears that people have the confidence to retire.
      Interestingly, Matt is not alone in his assessment. Over at The Bonddad Blog, they call it The Best Awful Employment Report Ever.
      Here are some of their bullets on why the number was actually a good one:
      The broad U-6 unemployment rate, that includes discouraged workers, fell a full 0.5 percent from 14.3 percent to 13.8 percent.
      The index of aggregate hours worked in the economy also surged 0.3 from 97.9 to 98.2.
      Temporary jobs — a leading indicator for jobs overall — increased 20,300
      construction jobs added 18,000.
      The number of people unemployed for five weeks or less — a better leading indicator than initial jobless claims — fell by 203,000 to 2,464,000. This may be a new post-recession low. If it isn't, it's close (I'll double check this and update). UPDATE: It's the second best by 11,000. In March 2011 the number was 2,453,000. This is NOT recessionary.

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    • 4 thumbs down so far. Guess a lot of liberal kool aid drinked like OLED technology!

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