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  • brunopuno brunopuno Jul 10, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    timing of ticker change

    the why seems pretty obvious, but, why now, specifically? what's going on that prompted the change?

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    • In one aspect I think it's great as symbol tells exactly what the company does; on the other hand I view it also as strategy in diverting attention from stock price. I'm not disappointed at the management team though I am with the stock price as earnings just isn't there to support. It's nice to know that Darice is now on board as for the longest time folks have been clamoring for a dedicated PR person who is on top of technology and the company. Though I'd like to hear in the next earnings announcement how this hiring decision was beneficial to the company. Also with Mr. Patent Attorney on board of Executive team, I'd like to see a stronger and aggressive stance in terms of negotiating long term contracts. I'm sure he's getting compensated well so let's please make sure investors get a clear picture on return on investment.

      Still looking forward to positive results in Q2 but past announcements have tempered my expectations for a blow out. Since not much happned in Q1 towards meeting earning projections Q2-4 will have to make up for the shortfall. If Q2 falls below expectations then I think projections need to be revised and announced to avoid surprises. If earnings projections of 110 to 120M are met at year end, I think most of the longs will be very happy campers...

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      • Litespeed, I think you are right in everything you say. My guess is that the better analysts are working on re-building their models based on what we were told and the research they have done with the Company. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.

        At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the key to all of this is new and expanded operating facilities and while the announcements from Samsung and LG and even others have been encouraging, we will need to wait till the end of this year or the first quarter of 2014 for that reality to happen.

        As for contract negotiations, I have a feeling our guys are doing very well. As we wait for an LG contract, we make more money on sales because of the construction of the existing contract. Only when volumes increase will LG sign a different kind of contract.........hopefully with guaranteed minimum purchases and royalty. So, I would credit Sid and Steve with having the patience to wait this one out.

        Yes, this is slower than we'd hoped but, then again, we never realized what it would really take to go from story to reality. It is really quite amazing when you think about it.

      • And what about the change to the website? UDCOLED instead of Universaldisplay seems very stupid to me... What was that good for?

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    • My guess is that this does not happen overnight and that timing has nothing to do with it. It's just a logical thing to have done. Over many years there has been discussion on the Message Board that this would be a good idea.......not to think that management gets its good ideas from the MB.

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