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  • capt_diggss3 capt_diggss3 Sep 29, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    How is hype today different from hype of two years ago?

    Some people here say now that this stock will be at 100 in 1-2 years. But some people used to say exact same thing 2 years ago when PANL/OLED used to trade over 50. But instead of going to 100, two years later it is at 30. So how is this hype different than from that of two years ago? You can see one such hype post from 2 years ago on front page if you change view period from "3 months" to "All".
    " zionidfny • Sep 16, 2011 10:40 AM
    $55 is the New WALL
    Anything under $55 is Free Money. "

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    • Try 15 years ago.

    • slickdis1 Sep 30, 2013 1:16 AM Flag

      Something I've learned in stocks - don't listen to anyone but yourself. Do your own research (even if it's just basic level) and use forums to learn of important upcoming events in a company's near (or long term) future.

      As best I can tell, the people you hear yelling "TO THE 60's AND BEYOND" or "THIS IS THE NEWEST LOW POINT, WE CANNOT GO LOWER, SELLING HERE IS THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY" are just very bad traders or just delusional.

      Don't listen to anyone telling you to sell or buy. They always have their own interest at heart and are just trying to get you on the wagon to satisfy their interests. Do some of your own research, however basic or advanced it may be, and only use forums as a place to pick up on company related news or important upcoming events that will help you make a better decision on when you should buy, sell, or hold.

      Really, if I held my long position while OLED was at 37 because yelled "WE'RE GOING TO 60!!!" I'd be down thousands of dollars, instead of doubling up my profits because I knew to switch to a short position.

    • didn't occur to you that every revenue and earnings financial ratio ever made looks better now than 2 years ago?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • One reason are naked short and distort Ansio and #$%$ who constantly attempt to manipulate this stock

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