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  • who_gnu_1235 who_gnu_1235 Jul 16, 2010 4:28 AM Flag

    gone from esr and liberty too

    thanks so much for the info. It looks like Luniel DeBeers is the common link for at least 2 of their recommendations. He is probably unloading making a fortune

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    • joel.stevenson Jul 16, 2010 11:24 PM Flag

      who_gnu_123 that information is false, luniel owns 15M of restricted stock in PBEC. that means he cannot sell shares even if he wants to and once he even can it has to be filed with the SEC.

      So no, luniel is not unloading. thanks for helping pass misinformation around though,... i'm sure it benefits everyone when you do that

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      • Joel just an extreme example:

        Killing people is also against rules and laws but the world is full of murderers.

        Have you ever seen this:

        It's a presentation showing how JP Morgan could help insiders sell when they shouldn't. So anything can be done.

        I don't say that something like that happens here because I don't know it. What I know is that the stock is grossly overpriced.

      • Ok guys - for those who have been posting they are out of business or out of the loop with PBEC- YOU GUYS ARE TOTALLY FULL OF CRAP! Sorry....Obviously you are either trying to take the stock down or did not bother to try and contact them and came to that conclusion because they aren't putting out PR daily like you think should happen - Get a grip...

        I have received 2 e-mails from Skymark since Thursday...

        1 - PBEC continues to go forward- their reps. are in Eu right now looking for funding to grow in the EU market (remember the PR's???).

        And NOOOOOOOOOOOO..They said they have N-O-T been privvy to a lot of complaints about the stock and have not received word about stockholders selling. In fact, they said they have had more people/org. buying.

        They also said "Hang in there" it is going to get interesting......

        Take it for what it's worth - But those that are saying that SKYMARK has deserted, etc. or dumped are full of crap.


    • Totally agree, Luniel De Beers has all the know how how to make a profit (except for his investors)