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  • tredleon tredleon Oct 16, 2012 5:13 PM Flag

    ISRG ....

    Added 60+ Firefly systems in the quarter - roughly half of their systems placed included the Firefly option for the quarter.

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    • Given what Firefly does, I would have thought the percentage would be much higher then 50%. Any thoughts on why not?
      regards endo
      p.s. The performance of the stock has been great!!!!

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      • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Oct 22, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

        I think the list of approved, or at least common procedures for the FireFly equipped daVinci is still pretty small. It still hasn't been available for that long. If I'm not mistaken, approval was initially only for kidney surgery. FireFly can provide value for prostatectomy but I suspect that it's use for DvP is still fairly rare. As I understand it, DaVinci FireFly is not yet approved for nerve visualization during DvP, only perfusion. Ditto for tumor visualization in kidney surgery. We are getting these numbers with one hand tied behind out backs so to speak

        ISRG's colorectal, lung and many other procedures that would benefit most from FireFly are still relatively new and/or low volume. The burst/focus on General Surgery is still pretty new. Although there have been General Surgery procedures for a long time, it has only recently become an area of focus. Once ISRG gets their stapler out General Surgery will get even more attention.

        I think 50% is pretty good for this stage of the game although as I have written in the past it seemed at one point that they may eventually make FireFly capability more or less standard. Even then it would have taken a while for the FireFly capability to gain traction. It will be interesting to what Arun has to say about consumables / utilization.

        I was on vacation last week and have only skimmed the ISRG CC Transcript so far. My initial impression is that FireFly is right on track. I think it will prove to have been a great deal for both companies.

      • Given that it has only been an option for the daVinci system for a little over a year now, I think that is a pretty good percentage. Also, given that Spy has focused on plastic reconstruction, obviously not done with daVinci, and that SpyScope has not yet been launched in an arena (colorectal) where daVinci might be used, my sense is the awareness of the surgeons using daVinci hasn't kicked in, yet. As the indications that daVinic is used for expands and the reputation of Firefly/Spy expands, I assume the rate of Firefly being included in system sales will expand. Also, I assume that the hospitals can also purchase Firefly later - it doesn't have to be part of the original system purchase.

    • I wonder how their decrease in procedure numbers will affect NVDQ. I am not a surgeon but I really do believe that this will become standard of care for many types of surgery. It is amazing to see how this technology works and how it identifies tumors versus normal tissue and necrotic tissue versus good tissue.

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