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  • williamdunne1959 williamdunne1959 Jun 10, 2013 11:47 PM Flag

    Thoughts from all?

    I'm a newcomer to NVDQ, and like what I see from it..... I would enjoy thoughts from you folks who have put more time into grading this gem.

    Most basic is....What is holding it back? Seems to be worth well over current prices. The applications of SPY, LUNA, FIREFLY are numerous, and the benefits can't be matched by other technology in this arena....On the opposite side: given the recent cash infusion of 50 Million, might we get a far better buying op after earnings, as proportional increases in spending will be far, far above revenues reaped?


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    • I am a fan of this company and products but to minimize the risks here is irresponsible investing. Spy, Pinpoint, and Firefly all have risk of proven patient benefit, as well as competition. Perhaps the biggest risk is the Healthcare emphasis to statistically justify medical device cost with proven patient benefit.

      The price has the growth rate of Spy and Firefly built-in, at this point anything less than 50% revenue increase is a negative. The impact of Luna and Pinpoint is yet to be seen and speculative.

      Keep in mind, this company has revenue of $25-30MM with a Market Cap of $630MM. How do you think it is "worth well over current prices"? An arguement can be made that the price is ahead of itself. One deviation from plan and it will be under 11, perhaps under 8 if the market is correcting at the same time.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The analyst and Institutions involved in this company are well aware that initial marketing expenses are going to exceed revenues. Quarterly expectations will be modified to reflect this rapid increase in the salesforce. I recall a comment by Fish, a highly respected occassional poster here who indicated that the company's ability to effectively initiate a successful independent sales program is our only current major risk with this company. While I agree with that assessment, I will continue to maintain my large,concentrated position.
      regards endo

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