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  • andersongordon Sep 5, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

    TauTona Group Sells Surgical Marker Technology to Novadaq

    This look like a natural and accretive add on to the Luna and Pinpoint kits. The surgeons will be able to mark the areas of interest in florescent as well as natural light for clearer, defined profusion real time in the operation. No $ amount was specified for the purchase, nor how much will the kit price be increased for it's inclusion, but this has real value to the surgeon's performance and very low marginal cost to NVDQ. Sharing the "value" will benefit all stakeholders. For now I would add 5-10% to the revenue per kit with marginal cost of 1-2% for gross margin addition of 80% on revenue increase for a gross margin increase per kit of ~0.6%. At ~$1000 per kit that's ~$60 per kit. If the eventual distribution is 1,000,000 kit per year that's $60 million * .65 = $39 million per year to the shareholder after taxes. At 50 million shares that's ~$0.75 per share and a P/E of 16 should yield $12 Net to the stockholder when 1,000,000 kit levels are reached. This doesn't count in the synergistic value of accelerating adoption.

    Good job Arun!


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    • Earlier this year I questioned both the necessity and size of the public offering. We have now had two actions expanding the scope and capability of our products. Would not be surprised to see other such announcements in the months ahead.
      regards endo

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