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  • buzzybob buzzybob Sep 12, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Presentation at Stifel Healthcare Conference 2013

    Novadaq's CEO, Dr. Arun Menawat, is scheduled to present at the Stifel Healthcare Conference 2013 today (September 12th) at 2:40 p.m. ET. Live webcast available on company's website.

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    • Looking forward to Novadaq's 2nd " investor day" Nov 18, in NYC. Attended the first one last Sept 24. It was a very interesting and valuable day long experience. Very good presentations by several SPY surgeons such as Dr. Danny Sherwinter of Maimoides Hospital in Brooklyn NY. Subsequently Maimonides became the 1st hospital in the nation to purchase SPY for a wide range of uses. Soon after, I piled into nvdq with no regrets! I strongly advise anyone in the NYC area to attend. this year's meeting...Let's meet and greet!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Another great presentation by Arun. The Pilar study is complete. The results will be in a major publication within the next several months. Endometriosis (spelling?) is moving along rapidly and could be in the market in 2014. Salesforce will be at 50 by year end. Two types of salesmen. One goes in to sell the unit. The other goes in once the unit is sold and helps the hospital expand utilization. Arun sees no head winds other then those facing Intuitive. They are already in initial discussions with the FDA on Lymph nodes. He remains very comfortable with 40% annual growth rates. This presentation is only half an hour and very well worth the listen. A good deal of the time is spent dealing with the future.
      regards endo

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      • Amazing that Arun can, at the same time, exude both extreme cautiousness in his statements and barely contained enthusiasm about the path his company and their technology are traveling.

        Two points in the talk that illustrate that Novadaq has a well mapped out game plan:

        They coordinate their sales presentations, gathering hospital representatives and doctors from multiple disciplines together to show the advantages of the technology, first conceptually and then how it adds value to each of their fields. This encourages purchase of not just one machine for one area, but a buy-in of the whole suite of applications.

        As first mover in the field, they continue to develop and patent new pieces of the technology. Novel problems encountered, solved and patented ensure barriers of entry to others. One example presented was that of a new patent application for a method of taking SPY beyond just visualization of perfusion. This method allows for quantifying perfusion, making measurements that apply not just to that machine and that patient, but from patient to patient. This greatly enhances development of standards of care and the ability to recognize a individual patient's situation.

        Great talk.

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