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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Feb 8, 2014 8:21 AM Flag

    Aces in the hole

    Unquestionably, a tough week for the pps. But this has happened before as we gradually moved from a $5 pps to our current $18.15. As this year continues to unfold we have a number of high quality aces in the hole. Here are a few in no particular order:

    1) The near term release of the full Pilar study. If the full study shows none or 1 or 2 events of leakage the positive impact on the viability of our equipment will be substantial.

    2) 80% of ISRG robot systems are now being sold with our equipment attached. Every day more and more surgeons are becoming firmiliar with our equipment and are passing their opinion on to hospital administrators.

    3) Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of women in this country are hooked on pain killers because of endometriosis. Doctors do not put many of these women in the operating room because they miss so many of the lesions during the operation. Many of these young women cannot have children. Later this year and into 2015 we will begin releasing trial results in this arena. This will put this company in a major league spot light.

    4) As with 3 above the same can be said for our work on lymph nodes.

    5) As 3 and 4 are being developed we need to bear in mind that as with ISRG our income will increasingly come from the sale of the razor blades. We now have 1200 units placed and knowledge of the viability of this equipment constantly spreading amongst surgeons. Someday in the not to distant future we will look back at the past quarters kit sales of 6400 and laugh.

    On and on I could go. Am I the only one highly enthusiastic about our future? Am I blowing smoke up my butt?
    Maybe so, BUT the Institutions seemed to feel the same way as each quarter the percentage of shares held by institutions gets larger and larger.
    regards endo

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    • I too am very enthusiastic. I have been following this company for the last couple of years. Arun is systematically putting in place the foundation. He is laying the groundwork so that novadaq technology will become standard of care in multiple arenas. It is a brilliant strategy. Partnering with ISRG allowed his technology to be introduced to many surgeons and hospital systems. Now he has amassed a significant sales force to further deploy his systems. In addition, he has numerous studies underway that look like they will be game changers - endometriosis, pillar, lymph nodes and wound care. Breast reconstruction has already proven itself. I feel very confident that this company will not only be around many years from now but will be necessary for standard of care. Because of this, it is a no brainer investment. It will steadily increase in value. Thanks to endo and Anderson Gordon for very informative and well thought out posts. Thanks to fish who turned me on to this stock a couple of years ago.

    • andersongordon Feb 8, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

      Endo, sorry I hadn't read your post before I wrote the response to "Good Luck Longs". Your thoughts and mine are quite similar. That could be scary or we could both be very happy Longs this time next year! Thanks for the post. I always value your opinions and insights.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Very well put! Also let's not forget adding Japan, plus radiopharma, which kicks in next year.
      quick question: I missed the cc, so I ask you: did Arun mention the current penetration in breast recon?
      We're looking for 20 % this year on the road to becoming standard of care.

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