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  • olliwd1 olliwd1 Jan 11, 2011 2:13 PM Flag

    Merger with other companies.

    If you look at the volume it does not really suggest any insider trading, my guess is there is just nobody selling so most of the stock trades are buys driving up the price. IMHO this stock is way under valued and due for a nice correction in the +

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    • Stock doesn't go from trading 20 to 30 k to 300k per day for three straight days with rumors of a merger for no reason. Govt dropped the price from 30 dollars to 2 dollars with the antitrust investigation in which they found nothing. The least they could do is to allow a merger with the two companies. That's my opinion. I was done with this stock until this came along. This could be a real game changer if it's true.

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      • Im not disagreeing with you im just suggesting that the volume is not that high to suggest something is going on the float is around 22MIL with a daily average of 200k is only 1% if it was trading at 2MIL it would make more sense that something big was about to happen. I would love to wake up and read that FRZ was bought out or merged, I just dont think its going to happen in the near. This nice little run might just be the begining run for the earnings.