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  • bman2000 bman2000 Aug 9, 2002 5:40 PM Flag

    options,more options!!!

    I voted down their option proposals, enought
    with this crap!!, pay people salarys or expense
    the damm things..

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    • I'm voting NO... I can't believe the 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 deals.

      The example provided showed Mr Solcherwith the following options.

      24,570 @ $31.72
      16,000 @ $43.28
      20,000 @ $46.09

      He gets to trade these in for 24,285 options at market price which has been between 12-14. I say thats a pretty good deal, I'd vote for it if they gave the shareholder 50% of what they lost on the stock... but I'm fairly sure that isn't going to happen...
      These guys have been at the wheel while the price went down and now the options are worthless... lets help them out... Only positive as it is today is there isn't much problem with the current cost/expensing of the outstanding options.

      As far as it goes, I'd have been in favor of a modified plan aimed more to the employees rather than the management. Something along the lines of a 5,000 share conversion cap, but this like most of the problems on the street... is a case where the high and mighty walk away with the all the perks/benefits and cash...

      Looking at the outcome I'd expect some heavy selling right about conversion time providing a new strike price at an even lower price than we're seeing today....

      I must say this is just my opinion and I could be off, but that won't change my vote...