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  • I've read countless BMC press releases about BSM. What is it? Is it a product? When did they begain to ship it? Revenues?

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    • No, I'm a director here in Houston with the same responsibilities. AVPs are what the call them in banking. I go back with BMC to the early 80s with Optimizer and have many, many friends from there. The operative word is "from there" now. I am tracking this puppy 'til I dump. Now that most of my buds have left and everyone is so paranoid, the best available info is on this board and from lunchs, it you dislodge the bitterness. There are some really blown up people out there. Thanks for asking.

    • Whoa! You're an AVP/EVP? Dang, what are you doing wasting your time here!

      The main problem with BSM is it's a non-technical message, and BMC pitches to technical people.

      The problem in the industry, as far as I can tell, is that everyone is trying to hide how complex it is to do everything, but it really is complex and there's no bones aboout it. There is no magic pixie dust - IBM might say it, but IBM sells it.

      Mercury, NetIQ, BMC, Managed Objects, Proxima, Tivoli, CA, whomever always try to make it seem like managing IT is easy, but it's just as hard to manage it as it is to build it. And IT guys keep believing, for some reason, that there's some magic bullet out there that'll save their bacon.

      The fact is, nobody's going to build that house except them. Shops with solid processes could roll their own tools and to a better job than most of the products out there (and some have), but there are only maybe 10-20 shops in the world that are good in that way.

      Oh well, rant over!

    • If this guy was indeed the cheif archtect for BSM, as identified on this board by another BMCer. This morning he may have nothing left to yank on or tuck between his legs after sharing his ignorance, arrogance and dimentia with us on the world-wide-web.

      And yes friends, there is a certain flair that comes with cutting one's wrists on the internet! Poor guy. ;-)

    • Thank you. I couldn't resist. Sometimes I just can't help myself... bluehousedown is a weasel and the type of person you just want to bitch slap. I hate it when people give attitude when they are just plain WRONG!

      He seems to have gone away with his tail between his legs. :) Mission accomplished.

    • Funny and entertaining post!

      Excellent point about the caliber of people still employed there. I am sure bluehousedown (or should that be blow?) is pulling on more than just his own "parts" to stay. Maybe that is why he loves it there so much...

    • It is not even that.
      There is no practical way except for complete rewrite to integrate these products into a *REAL* BSM solution. There are too many gaps to fill and of these products are so different in thier design.

      In addtion, BMC was never used sell to the LOB execs. This is why MERC is so successful in selling their Topaz/Optan. They were introduced way after the application went production.

      And last thing. BSM, ASA, you can call it whatever you like is not a business critical application. Nobody really shuts his business if PATROL is down for couple of hours. I know so many frustrated customers who dumped this thing and found other solutions to solve their performace/availability problems.

    • It's worse than that. This is not a "code complete" product like BMC used to make and ship. They are playing on the hopes and fears of the line of biz execs to get IT "aligned" with their biz processes, and hence budgets. Like that's never been a political issue before.

      LOB execs control much of the line application budgets. BMC is playing with fire and is in no way prepared for this level of play and consulting IMHO. And, it will be a very long sell cycle if they sell it as advertised.

      It's not coming here until it works somewhere else, and somewhere else, and somewhere else...

      Not a problem usually, but BMC has positioned this their ONLY hope as their other stuff is whithering away. They did it not us, cutting just about everything else to the bone and now even BSM some according to this board.

    • BMC, what's leaking out about the quarter? Any news on the street? We're a week out.

      The BSM discussions are interesting, but ain't gonna save BMC any time soon. Any word, anywhere?

    • I agree with you.

      BMC is late. They have alway been late, because they are way too conservative and not innovative.

      The IT industry is already buying BSM -- NOT from BMC. Until this company wakes up this market will be taken.
      I put my bet on Mercury - not because their products are so good. It is because they are there in the right place, right time, and early enough in the application lifecycle to sell their stuff to the right people.

    • Forgot about that. Some guy that was a Patrol guy that went to work for them pitched that to us many moons ago. Same deal, this stuff ain't new 'cause BMC just realized it.

      If you do research, there are new vendors, but if you are a big shop, wait for them to financially stablize so they'll be around.

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