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  • boltdude1965 boltdude1965 Jun 13, 2005 2:09 PM Flag

    up .45 and no comments?

    Anyone know what this is about? It's the exact opposite reaction I would expect from a 10-K/earnings delay. Volume seems normal. Strange.

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    • Are you really as fucking stupid as you sound?

    • What are you, a fucking moron? Can you not fucking read??? Revenues are flat and have slid over the past four years. Read the facts, asshole.

      You're a stupid ass, shitheaded, slurp of cum, idiotic fucking imbecile. Take a gun, aim it at your left eye, and then use the gun for the purpose for which it was made.

    • Terribly sorry for the typo. I meant "rational". I don't know how I punched "irrational".


    • huikh2r: "Thank you very much for a irrational discussion"

      If you had anything worth reading in that message, I didn't see it. I got to your first line about being irrational and closed it. If my discussion is irrational then why do you continue to be a part of it?

      If you have something to say (worth reading) then fine. But I have better things to do than to waste my time reading your drivel.

    • Believeme02,
      Thank you very much for a irrational discussion.

      First of all, I have to admit that I just own this stock, so i don't know much about its history.

      It seems that your argument is soly based on that downsizing is always a bad thing for a company. I have a totally diffeernt opinion. (as for myslef, my division at Lucent was shut down 3 years ago, but I am happy that I had chance to find a better opportunity.) Some tech company had grown too much dead weight during the boom time, and now they may have to shift operational direction because the market has changed. I think some certain personnel change is usually good for a company (of course it is bad for laid off employers).

      Yes, I am only looking the most recent 3 quarters. Isn't that the most important? The revenue is up, and teh company is already downsized. What will thsoe translate to earnings? I do expect that BMC will have a nice earning report, (maybe even some surprises!). The delayed report actually is a good sign (the stock didn't go down on that news, isn't that unusual?). I think likely BMC will have a blow-away earnings, so they'd make sure to make the report right.

      Just my 2 cents. i could be wrong.


    • tinag330, you can bitch and yell, you can curse, but you shorts are losing shirts. I am just laughing all the way to the bank.

      BTW, how to pronounce yoru name? tinag, Teenage?


    • Huikh2r you moron. Take out Marimba revenue and the funny business with deffered revenue and see what you come up with.

      huikh2r how many time were you dropped on your head as a baby?

    • "Look at the financial result yourself. Data does not lie."

      Well then look at ALL the data. You are only looking at the last 3 quarters. Look at the quarter for Q4/04 when they had 400M in revenue and then Q1/05 when they only had 326M. Is that growth?

      I still stand by my earlier post. There is only so much they can do with a skeleton crew. They trimmed from the bottom instead of the top where the dead wood really is. Without developers, then sales has nothing to sell. Without sales, then services has nothing to implement (not that services really exists much anymore - not internally at least), and without implementations, then support has nothing to provide support for.

      If they don't make some drastic changes, and stop getting rid of the workforce, they will either be bought out or shut down, selling off assets for pennies on the dollar. (Like Peregrine did when they sold Remedy).

      As for my departure... I left BMC early in 2004, and not as a result of one of the layoffs. I didn't believe that my group was going to exist for long, and I didn't like some of the changes they were talking about. I'm glad I left when I did, the rest of the people I worked with were recently let go.


      Look at the financial result yourself. Data does not lie.

      Revenue is up compared to previous years, , every quarter!!!

      In the last year, earning turned positive, and certainly I believe the trend will continue.

      Don't feel so bad about being laid off. My division at Lucent was shut down 3 years ago, but I am gald thta it gave me a chance to find a better opportunity.


    • "The revenue is growing quarter over quarter"

      WHAT??? That is about the stupidest thing I have heard. Maybe you only compared two quarters. But you can't say that there is growth from quarter to quarter over any long period in recent history. Especially without considering that your evaluation fails to consider the fact that they did major cutbacks in salaries and thus the profit looks like it is higher.

      How can you keep cutting branches off the tree, and expect it to grow?

      BMC has all but slaughtered the workforce that does sales, services, support, and development. (OK, OK, I know they hardly did much development in the first place).

      Right now, BMC is all about buying other companies and re-branding products, and getting the few developers that are left to work on integration pieces. The only departments that are productive right now are A&M and Executive Management. And there are plenty of comments coming out from other people on this board about the management that I don't need to add mine.

      There is nothing new worth noting in the pipeline. There are no new products coming down the road. Sales are down, and they are living on recurring maintenance. If there was/is any hope of BMC climbing out of the hole they dug for themselves, I don't know.

      I'm guessing that they are in such a bind right now that they have two options... sell out or shut down.

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