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    MTTG.OB Holds First Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor Training for Private Inspection Firms


    Material Technologies, Inc. (MTTG.OB) (“MATECH”), an engineering, research and development company specializing in technologies to measure microscopic fractures and flaws in metal structures and monitor metal fatigue in real time, recently held the company’s first four-day training session for private inspection firms.

    The workshop was held in St. George, Utah and covered how to implement an EFS inspection, including receipt of contract, field inspection, collection and analysis of the data, and report preparation. The training including three days of classroom preparation and laboratory training, and on the final day, participants were given a written and practical test.

    While conventional bridge inspections are mostly visual, often done by inspectors using binoculars from a distance, MATECH’s monitoring solutions can accurately test the integrity of metal structures with growing cracks as minute as 0.01 inches. Additionally, more than 90 percent of the fatigue cracks are completely missed with visual inspection alone, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

    The attending firms and inspectors paid for the training at their own expense in order to provide the EFS inspections to their existing clients in the near future. This technology is expected to revolutionize universal bridge management and inspections.

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    • I couldn't agree more. What we really could use though, is a publisct or a spokes-person. I am quite confident in the fact that Mary M. is a wonderful engineer, but the "um's" and "uh's" when speaking about such a great company kills any momentum you are trying to build. They desperately need someone to speak on their behalf...though I do recognize she is brilliant, she isn't a public speaker, she's an engineer.