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  • peelingoranges2002 peelingoranges2002 Mar 11, 2008 10:31 AM Flag


    This is the word that immediately comes to mind. Someone or two people are manipulating this stock, and is unlawful...or at the least massively frustrating. .105, are you kidding me? With all the news, and future contracts and people are selling off on this company. It is grotesque. That's my rant... thank you all

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    • I posted this last week. Here it is again!!!!!Get out of this stock now if you want to salvage anything..This will down to $7 cents by next week. Folks, this is a scam and we have all been taken. Do you notice that no one hardly ever comments on this board with the stock trading thousands of shares daily? I too have invested although now feel that everything is being manipulated by the owners. Look at the insiders!!! Everything is owned by just a handfull of people. The bid and ask price are always in even increments. This is not normal and never happens on a daily basis except with this stock. The owners have paid nothing for their shares and are now selling for a profit. 20-30 million shares at .15 cents is not that bad if your an insider that paid nothing for it. Caution: This is being done outside the normal checks and balances. Check it out yourself. Research the insiders and the amount of shares that they own themselves. Beware, the news is manufactured to keep your interest. We will most likely continue to head down to under.10 cents unfortunately. I will not buy anymore shares at any price. I am not trying to be a basher of this stock. I have just made a mistake by not researching further before buying. Good luck. You are being taken!!!

    • you seem to be the most intelligent of the lot in this board. I've been watching and own the stock, and with the news and the product and obvious need,one would expect it to be doing great.Have you or any others who are normal out there done any investigation of the co.? It just doesn't seem right that a stock with its story should be doing so poorly. Lets try to raise the IQ level of this board by bringing some worthwhile info to it so we may all benefit by our mutual interest in it. I'll check in again in about 2 days. Good luck to you and all others.


      It doesn't make sense.
      When the DOW and NASDAQ go UP, MTTG goes down and vice versa.
      Everything about this stock is the opposite of logical.

      O stability, where are thou?