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  • toastedandjammin toastedandjammin Feb 19, 2004 9:46 PM Flag

    This is great!

    Putanendtothis - you have some serious issues for which you need to seek help. You are a basket case!

    This stock is totally illiquid and for me this is a GREAT deal. I love it. I would like more(who wouldn't), but this is a great deal. Cash and quick. If I told you how much stock I had you wouldn't believe it, so lets just say it is more than Itsneasy. I vote yes, yes and yes again.

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    • dickfuck... you havent been abused like the rest of the float?... You obviously got involved with this Piece of Shit company post death spiral!!! Why in the world do you give me shit when I invested for the long term at $8+ for the same fucking reasons you invested at a buck? why am I "psycho" because I believed in the stock at $8 when Sayed said in a public press release that the stock is completely undervalued on Wall Street? Have you ever been fucked like this? Do you know what a death spiral is? If not, look it up on google. can you believe this idiot, Sayed, ten days after he said the stock is underpriced at $8 in a shareholder letter dated Oct. 2000, signed a death spiral that sent the stock down below a buck in six months? This is a fucking outrage. Certainly, Sayed is being paid, once again, somewhere else besides the 3.4 a share... Sayed has used the float and the stock price for his personal gain SINCE INCEPTION OF THE IPO!! Everyone else involved with this company POST death spiral( that includes all of you mother fucking market makers from Denver...) has made money.... like I said, 90% of the float of this stock just got RAT FUCKED!!! We are involved above this "buyout"!! I personally would have bought this company above the 3.4 a share, and kicked Sayed's ass out the door!!! Sayed doesnt know or care about the float of this stock now. This deal is more outrageous than the shit we have seen with larger scandalous companies trading on Wall Street. I am in constant contact with the SEC and the FBI. I have the truth and the facts behind me. He doesnt!!! THERE WILL SOON BE A SLAM DUNK CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!! I will do everything I can to putanendtothis, and put this mother fucker in jail. all of you other mother fucking market makers with offshore accounts that have made a fortune off the "muth" pump on the long side, then shorted it, then made a bunch of money off of the death spiral, then went long at an abused undervalued stock below $1, ARE FUCKED AND WILL GO TO JAIL.... FUCK ALL OF YOU SHIFTY MOTHER FUCKERS WHO SCAM FOR A LIVING!!! YOU ARE SLIME AND IT WILL CATCH UP TO YOU!!!

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      • You should sell all your losses before they enter into your long term gains and losses on your taxes. Besides any stock over 20% loss I start looking at on a daily bases with a up or out attitude.

      • hey man you are going to explode or end up in the nut house or something worse. You must have invested more money than you could afford to lose because you are beyond cooked. You need to give it a rest. You may be starting to scare people. You have been telling people to sell the stock and running down Sayed and this company every chance you get and now you go ballistic when he sells out at a premium? You certainly didn't expect it to go higher based on your posts?

        To the other poster, I would agree that Sayed is in the best position to know what the future really is and whether this is a good deal or not. He has the most to gain or lose and if he wants to sell I am for it. Remember, if something were to happen to him what would we have? Not a lot of management depth there.

    • microcaptrader_dot_com microcaptrader_dot_com Feb 19, 2004 10:45 PM Flag

      I wouldn't say it's great. I'll make a decent profit off of the deal, but now I have to find another CHST to put that money in and pay taxes (at the short term capital gain rate) on the capital gain. That is no easy task, especially given the rise in microcap stock prices over the last year. I would be quite content to ride this one for a bit longer. I think the payoff down the road would be much higher. Maybe Mr. Ali knows something we don't about the long term prospects in this business for a small player such as Creative.