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  • huntleypalmer2003 huntleypalmer2003 Jul 26, 2005 10:35 AM Flag

    more bad news in the wsj today

    Bad news? Apparently the investing public doesn't think so! 1.5 mil shares in the first hour and we are up 30 cents. Must be the folks are fed up with the media and their take on things even if the "media" is the WSJ. Reporters are nothing more than hacks who in this case,ie, covering the Vioxx trial look for a "story" rather than present the real facts which they have no understanding of. Caution!!!! Do not try to draw conclusions about the fate of Merck by reading reports of the trial in the paper.

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    • As a shareholder of merck, I hope you are right.

    • You also have to be careful about drawing conclusions about the "public's reaction" over 1/2 hour of trading.

      As we've gone over here, Merck is responsible (at these levels) for purchasing about 5% of the total shares in MRK traded every year. It's astonishing but true.

      It's one of the main reasons MRK's earnings have held up so well-- reducing the number of shares.

      If you don't think MRK can (and does routinely) easily purchase 1M shares into a bad news day, you're a little naive.

      The paper losses MRK has taken on its own stock it has repurchased are absolutely stunning during the last 5 years, but luckily they don't have to be reported.

      Anyway, despite my tone, I'm actually looking to purchase here, because of the huge levels of cash MRK generates. It's just a question of when, and I don't think that time has come just yet.

      I do believe current management is guilty of a massive VIOXX coverup. But at the right price, I'll buy anyway, and do very well.


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      • ygtk:
        I do not agree with you. It is significant that the public did not react to the very negative story in the WSJ by selling in the usual "knee jerk" reaction that always takes place following negative news. Your comment concerning a massive cover up by Merck management disturbes me greatly because you actually hold the position that the company puts dollars above life and puts you into the group of those who hate big pharma or the sucessful.As a 40 year stockholder in the company I have an intimate knowledge of
        Merck and I can assure you that nothing is further than the truth than what you suggest.

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