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    *Fish Oil is Better Than Drugs for Preventing Heart Failure*

    Up with fish, down with statins.

    Fish oil supplements appear to work better than a popular cholesterol-reducing drug to help patients with chronic heart failure, according to recently released research.

    Researchers gave nearly 3,500 patients a daily omega-3 pill derived from fish oils. Roughly the same number of patients were given placebo pills. Over a four-year period, fewer patients in the group taking the fish oil pills died of heart failure or were admitted to the hospital with the problem.

    In a parallel study, the researchers gave nearly 2,300 patients the cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor and another group of close to 2,300 patients placebo pills. After four years, there was little difference in heart failure rates between the groups, but when the two studies were compared they found that fish oil is slightly more effective than Crestor because the oil performed better against a placebo than the drug did.

    Chronic heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart becomes enlarged and cannot pump blood efficiently around the body. Omega-3 fats have long been proven to offer health benefits such as protecting the heart and brain.

    Time August 31, 2008
    The Lancet August 31, 2008
    The Lancet August 31, 2008

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    • what is the reason for the cottage cheese and olive oil. You might also check out borage oil, we were trying to infuse a large amount into patients, but ran out of money.

    • That is not surprising. Fish oil is totally safe to take in large quantities and a lot cheaper than statins. Non-flushing nitrogen is another possibility.

    • I don't think this one sided, slanted study really tells the whole truth. There is now out there data that shows that statins can even lower your risk of developing atrial fib. They have pleotrophic effects and lower your CRP as well as other inflammatory modulators. They certainly have been an advancement for medicine and taking them does not x-out a person's chance for taking omega three fatty acid supplements as well. I wouldn't take some cheap fish oil from the dollar store though. t

    • How about the dose? I take "Salmon Oil" daily which contains a total of about 1.5 g per day of EPA and DHA. I also eat fish about 3 times a week. Too much?

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      • <How about the dose? I take "Salmon Oil" daily which contains a total of about 1.5 g per day of EPA and DHA. I also eat fish about 3 times a week. Too much?.>

        Finally someone on the Merck Board who has joined the 21st century on what's happening when it comes to health. DYNAMITE!! What brand of Salmon Oil are you taking, is it liquid and if so how many tablespoons/teaspoons?

        totootwotu, here is my protocol on what I do. The Fish Oil I take is high potency and has 1500 EPA and 750 DHA in one teaspoon. I take this one because I am very cautious on the mercury issue with fish and fish oil and also many more reasons. If you want more details on this oil let me know. Matter of fact because of the mercury issue, I don’t eat much fish. 100% Organic Grass Fed Meats is a lot healthier and even more potent when grown near quality river because of issue of nutrients in the soil.

        The following are the details on the oil(s) protocols I follow.

        RxOmega-3 factors fish oil from Natural Factors at least 1 teaspoon, with organic cottage cheese, and lots of Organic Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Organic cottage cheese at a 4:1 ratio with 1 being the fish oil. I use Organic Valley Cottage Cheese. Take around 11 A.M.

        For lunch or dinner, also take 2-3 tablespoons minimum of Organic, Cold press, Extra Virgin Flax Seed Oil from Barleans, and cottage cheese at a 4:1 ratio with 1 being the flax oil and lots of Organic Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil. I mix into organic salad which I try to eat around 12:30 otherwise around 5:30. Two tablespoons of Flax Seed oil synthesizes into about 750 DHA and 1500 EPA because of the 6200 mg of Omega 3 in the type of Flax Seed Oil I use. Much details on how it synthesizes as it’s a short chain, C18, oil.

        There are reasons for taking the cottage cheese and olive oil also. Let me know if you want details.

        Based on enormous research of top world scientists, I follow a protocol for building a more functional brain from a physiological point of view and will share that with you if so indicate.

        As for the issue of too much, it depends on what else you eat. The goal is to get your total Omega 6:3 ratio to 1:1 which is optimal. The average American is between 15-17:1 which creates many health problems. Have much to share on that also.

    • Well of course they are.

      Quack quack.

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